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Showdown: Polaris Pro RMK Slash 155 3.25 vs. Khaos 2024

I had the opportunity to test the Polaris Pro RMK Slash 155 3.25 2024 snowmobile during the spring 2023 Snowshoot event. The sled I tested was fully equipped with impressive features.

It was equipped with a brand new 3.25-inch track, a 7-inch display, and innovative ice scratchers that allow for effortless reversing without any risk of damage. Additionally, it was powered by a remarkable 9R motor and featured a slash tunnel.

During my testing, I had the chance to experience this sled in various terrains, from wide-open slopes to more technical treed areas. I must say, the Pro-package has quickly become one of my favorites.

While it may not offer the same level of wild performance as the Khaos model, it excels in providing stability and instilling confidence. This is especially evident when navigating through tight tree-lined paths.

Outstanding Features: The 9R Motor in the Polaris Pro RMK Slash

The 9R motor on the Pro RMK Slash stands out for me, thanks to its perfect blend of rideability and performance. I truly appreciate the quick response and immediate power delivery of this motor. It performed impeccably and was noticeably more potent than the stock 850s while being easier to handle than the turbocharged sleds.

Furthermore, the new 3.25-inch track paired seamlessly with this motor, making steep treed terrain an enjoyable challenge. The track provided exceptional traction and increased lift from the snow. This contributed to a more playful feel for the Pro, thanks to the noticeable extra lift it offers.

Cooling Efficiency Upgrade: The RMK Reversible Ice Scratcher 

Additionally, the 7 S display is a real game changer. It’s not only fantastic but also intuitive. You can track other riders in real time on the screen, and it’s incredibly easy to pair with your phone. The maps were spot on, adding to the overall experience. The Slash tunnel plays a significant role in the sled’s ability to maintain a steep sidehill without washing out.

To add to the list of improvements, this year features a smaller yet appreciated upgrade: the RMK reversible ice scratcher. This scratcher, a single coil that can be reversed, is designed to enhance cooling. It certainly lives up to its promise, as the sled I tested never exceeded 107 on the trail, despite my keeping it under 50, as required.

Polaris Pro VS. Khaos 2024

Polaris Pro RMK Slash 155 3.25 2024

Upon spending more time with the Polaris Pro RMK Slash 2024, it becomes evident that this sled may not be receiving the attention it truly deserves. Unlike its wilder counterpart, the Khaos, the Pro offers a remarkably stable and precise platform. The Khaos tend to exhibit a penchant for wheelies and a touch of unpredictability.

In the realm of navigating tight tree-lined paths, the Pro proves to be an absolute weapon. It dutifully follows my gaze with minimal effort, instilling a considerable amount of confidence. The lightweight and precision of this sled are truly admirable.

What’s more, I found the Pro’s ease of handling and predictability to be quite refreshing, as it left me feeling neither beat up nor tired after spending a day on this sled.

Technical Terrain Dominance: Why Pro Prevails 

When tackling technical terrains, the Pro did a great job of going forward in the direction I wanted. In similar conditions, the Khaos tend to raise its front end and initiate wheelies as a primary response.

While the Khaos may exhibit greater nimbleness and ease of tipping onto its edge, when it comes to technical terrains, the Pro unquestionably takes the lead as my preferred choice.

Suggested Improvements

There were few aspects of this sled that didn’t impress me. If I were to make a recommendation, it would be to introduce some adjustability, particularly concerning the limiter strap. Additionally, such an adjustment can significantly influence how the sled handles. Having the option for manual adjustments or a quick-change lever would be a valuable addition.

The new 3.25-inch track is really awesome in deep snow, but in my view, it caters more to specialized terrain. I firmly believe that the 2.7-inch track offers a more well-rounded performance if your riding season doesn’t predominantly involve deep powder.

It’s worth noting that the 3.25-inch track comes with a cautionary note, explicitly stating that it should not be ridden at speeds exceeding 50 miles per hour on the trail.

Considerations for Backcountry Riding 

For those planning extensive trail rides into the backcountry, this is something to bear in mind, as the ECU records any instances of exceeding the 50-mph limit. It’s not so much a matter of disliking this feature as it is providing a heads-up.

This aspect can be somewhat rider-specific and, in all fairness, very nitpicky. Overall, this is somewhat rider-specific and very nitpicky there just wasn’t much about this sled I didn’t really like.

Outstanding Performance: Polaris Pro RMK Slash 155 2024 With 9R Motor

In summary, my experience with the Polaris Pro RMK Slash 155 2024 equipped with the 9R motor was nothing short of amazing. While the Khaos model may garner more attention, it’s evident that the Pro deserves serious consideration as a formidable backcountry companion.

The combination of the 9R motor and the new 3.25-inch track in the 155-length configuration proved to be exceptional. This setup not only felt remarkably lightweight and precise but also instilled a strong sense of confidence when navigating through tight and steep terrains.

Precision in Technical Terrain: The Pro RMK Slash’s Highlight 

One aspect that particularly stood out was the platform’s predictability. When it comes to technical terrain, having a sled that consistently follows your line of sight without any surprises is essential. Needless to say that this sled delivered precisely that.

It’s safe to say that this sled will be at the forefront of my considerations for my next personal backcountry riding sled.

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