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Patriot Boost INDY VR1 137: Polaris 2024 Favourite

Patriot boost indy vr1 137 2024

As a trail snowmobiler for decades, I favour sleds designed for this primary purpose. My criteria are simple: power and comfort. Simply because they are directly tied to the “fun factor.” Manufacturers have been striving to provide increasingly powerful and technologically loaded snowmobiles for trail rides. Among them, the Polaris Patriot Boost INDY VR1 137 2024 stands out, earning my 2024 favourite from this Roseau, Minnesota manufacturer.

Patriot boost indy vr1 137 2024

In a nutshell:

Exclusive to the spring SnowCheck sale, the INDY VR1 137 is based on the Matryx platform. It offers fierce acceleration, effortless control, and smart technology. It introduces the next dimension in trail performance domination, combining versatility and superior comfort with the high-performance 850 Patriot. Impressive, isn’t it!

Few changes for 2024:

Polaris focused more on mountain snowmobile innovations for 2024. Changes and upgrades to trail vehicles are minimal and can be observed mostly in detail.

First, you probably noticed my mention of “137” when introducing my favourite model. That’s because Polaris chose to set aside the 129-inch model for the time being. Sad news for me as I always enjoyed shorter tracks; they procure less support and allow for better drifting. On the other hand, the 137-inch model offers better traction and, combined with an overpowered vitamin engine, gives all the traction you need to master this beast.

Patriot boost indy vr1 137 2024

Other subtle refinements include:

  • bug fixes for map crashes and Bluetooth issues,
  • improved exhaust pipe shell tightening to reduce annoying noises,
  • better-sealed oil caps to prevent leaks,
  • anti-fog coating on headlights for improved visibility,
  • lighter eye bolt on quarter-turn body fasteners for easier tightening in extreme cold situations.

Patriot boost indy vr1 137 2024

Horsepower Unleashed!

My preferred INDY VR1 137 boasts the Patriot Boost engine, promising a 10% power increase over the base Patriot 850. That’s good and all, but how much power does the Patriot 850 have? While Polaris doesn’t disclose exact figures, it’s estimated to deliver around 165 to 168 horsepower. The BOOST model should then produce approximately 180 to 185 horsepower.

That’s a great deal of power when you want to push this powerhouse to its limits. Handling this power requires nerves of steel, with a top speed approaching 200 km/h.

What impresses me most about the Patriot Boost engine is its impressive acceleration after exiting a turn. Having such high power at your fingertips is exhilarating, though it demands constant restraint to avoid being seen as a trail delinquent.

Impressive Platform Every Time:

The INDY VR1 is built on the Matryx chassis, which continues to impress in its fourth year of production. I am captivated every time I have the chance to drive a snowmobile equipped with it. I just wasn’t a fan of the Axys platform. The Matryx offers so much more for the snowmobiler, and it shows on every ride.

The Matryx chassis replaced some shortcomings attributed to the old Axys chassis. Inspired by the Snocross, it was designed around the driver. Several details were thought out to facilitate movements and remove anything that could be intrusive. Polaris changed the game and raised the ease of control of a snowmobile with this platform.

The only complaint I make on every occasion is the positioning of the rear-view mirrors. These are fixed on the back of the side panels, and it is always a torture to use them. You must leave the path with your eyes for a moment and lower your eyes to find them. It’s just not intuitive and my brain can’t get used to it. One day, perhaps, Polaris will understand my complaints and make a change on this point.

Suspension Worthy of the Snowmobile:

Equipped with Walker Evans Velocity shocks, the INDY VR1 137 boasts a suspension system that’s both easy and effective. What more can we say about these that hasn’t already been said? They are simply great!

7S Screen, a Treat!

Sometimes, I wonder how far we’ll go in terms of incorporating technology on our sleds. We are being fed technological improvements that constantly fascinate me. The Ride Command 7S screen is a perfect example of this ever-advancing technology in snowmobiles. Despite its seemingly overwhelming control and settings options, Polaris has made it extremely user-friendly. Key features include group rides, friend tracking, and heated grip control. Skeptical initially, I now appreciate the ability to see where my friends are, thanks to the well-executed integration with the 7S screen and the mobile app for non-7S users.

Patriot boost indy vr1 137 2024

In conclusion, the Polaris Patriot Boost INDY VR1 137 2024 is undoubtedly the snowmobile that truly excites me from this manufacturer, and I’m likely not alone in this sentiment. What do you think?

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