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CKX Snowmobile Clothing, a Sensible Choice?


During the winter of 2024, I was dressed in CKX clothing thanks to Kimpex. CKX clothes are more affordable than many others, but they are not of lesser quality. On the contrary! When I received my Ungava coat and Element bib from CKX, I immediately noticed the good quality of the materials used. A soft fleece-style lining lines the interior at the level of the buttocks, knees, back, and chest for added warmth. CKX uses PrimaLoft as a material to keep us warm and dry and protect us from the wind. This material is lightweight, flexible, and purportedly durable.

Easy to Make a Choice

When I made my choice, it was easy to navigate thanks to their CKX clothing charts on their online store. Each garment is accompanied by certain indications regarding its use (low or high intensity of activity). There are also levels of warmth, breathability, wind protection, and even the level of comfort it provides. The coat and bib I chose are not from the same range because there was a stock shortage at the time of my order. I must say that despite this, I am happy with my choice. The Ungava coat and Element bib complement each other well.

CKX Ungava Jacket (Trail Performance Collection)

The CKX Ungava coat features 200 g PrimaLoft insulation in the body and 170 g in the sleeves. An integrated space on the back allows you to slide in an LED light strip, which is included. This light is very powerful, by the way. It allows us to be highly visible day and night.

Activity Level: Low intensity, long seated rides.

Warmth Level: Extremely warm.


CKX Element Bib (Comfort Collection)

The CKX Element bib is equipped with 180 g Thermoshield insulation. It is lightweight and very comfortable. The only thing I would like on this one is for the knees to have pads so that I can lean my knees against the snowmobile cabin.

Activity Level: Low intensity, long seated rides.

Warmth Level: Extremely warm.

CKX Alaska Gloves

The CKX Alaska gloves are made of 100% leather. They feature a waterproof membrane and 140 g Thinsulate PrimaLoft insulation on the palm. 40 g of PrimaLoft insulation protect the back of the hand. The knit lining is not removable. The Alaska gloves have a leather reinforcement on the palm and rubber protection on the back of the hand. There’s a scraper on the left glove so that we can defrost our helmet visor when necessary. This does not damage the visor. They fit well thanks to their Velcro closures and are very comfortable.


CKX Taiga Boots

The CKX Taiga boots are extremely lightweight and, above all, very affordable. When I took them out of their box, I was very surprised by their weight. At the same time, I was very skeptical about their performance in extreme cold. The label on the boots promises comfort down to -85 °C. However, appearances can be deceiving, because after a few rides, all my skepticism disappeared. The CKX Taiga boots are warm and comfortable. However, they are not waterproof above the ankle. So, when conditions become wet, it’s not ideal.

CKX Mission Carbon Helmet

I saved the best for last because the reputation of the Mission helmet speaks for itself. It’s a guarantee of quality, and it’s no wonder that many people already wear it. It offers unparalleled performance in the market. I love it!

I’ve wanted to own one for a long time. The Carbon version of the Mission helmet is extremely lightweight, insulated, and aerodynamic. This helmet is designed to allow us to ride for long periods without fearing the cold.

We maintain full visibility while riding thanks to its very effective fog evacuation system. Moisture accumulation can occur, but it really has to be very cold for that to happen.

CKX’s Mission Carbon helmet has a wide opening when the visor is open, making it easy to drink, eat, or chat without removing it. Its removable yellow-tinted goggles and foldable visor offer good sun protection. Did I mention that I love this helmet?


In conclusion, all the components of my CKX kit are of very good quality. They all performed well at every level and are truly comfortable. Moreover, they are more affordable than many other brands. Therefore, I highly recommend the Ungava coat, Element bib, Alaska gloves, Taiga boots, and Mission Carbon helmet from CKX.

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