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2025 Backcountry X-RS: My Favourite for the Second Year in a Row!

2025 backcountry x-rs 2025

During my recent visit to West Yellowstone, Montana, I was eager to test all the 2025 snowmobiles. However, some caught my attention more than others. Such was the case with Ski-Doo’s 2025 Backcountry X-RS. This same model was also my favourite in 2024.

For the second consecutive year, this model proves to be at the top of my list of favourite snowmobiles. This choice is based on the satisfaction it provides me with and the notable improvements it has received for the 2025 model year. This model is available in two versions, one with a 39-inch ski stance, and the other with a 43-inch stance. It was the latter that I had the privilege of testing to my great pleasure.

2025 backcountry x-rs 2025

Several Innovations for the 2025 Backcountry X-RS

A Turbo R Two-Stroke Engine; It’s Insane!

For 2025, Ski-Doo has decided to expand the availability of its 850 E-TEC Turbo R two-stroke engine. This engine was introduced exclusively for the MXZ X-RS with competition package for the 2024 model year. This engine has the particularity of having a water injection system. It undoubtedly sets new standards in performance for two-stroke engines. The power is distributed consistently, and honestly, it’s MIND-BLOWING!

The innovative water and methanol injection system ensures that the air flowing into the cylinders remains fresh. A 1.2-litre reservoir behind the seat contains the XPS ICE liquid, which is sprayed as a light mist into the intake duct. This process prevents overheating and allows the engine to maintain its power during prolonged throttle pressure.

The 2025 Backcountry X-RS I tried in West Yellowstone had the option of this 850 E-TEC Turbo R engine. I was not disappointed. It pulls hard, and I can even say that this engine turns a snowmobile into a rocket because it delivers a hair-raising thrust. It’s about 180 HP at full throttle.

The end result is an absolutely thrilling, incredibly fast, stylish, agile, and lightweight snowmobile. If I may offer a piece of advice, make sure to hold on tight because there’s a new powerhouse snowmobile hitting our trails!

SHOT Starter

It’s worth noting that snowmobiles equipped with the 850 E-TEC Turbo R engine feature the SHOT starter. All it takes is pressing a button to start the snowmobile. Moreover, the system is incredibly lightweight. Here’s how it works: when you start your snowmobile for the first time, you use the traditional method of pulling the cord. This initial start charges a lightweight supercapacitor. Then, the energy stored in the supercapacitor is used to power the magneto to turn the flywheel. The E-TEC technology then takes over for the rest of the starting process. In essence, the SHOT starter adds the convenience of a push-button start while adding very little weight.

A New Front!

For 2025, Ski-Doo has introduced the new RAS RX suspension and RAS RX skis to the market. Additionally, on the 2025 Backcountry X-RS, a new configuration with a 43-inch ski stance provides us with a snowmobile that’s more aptly described as 80/20. The higher number obviously corresponds to its percentage allocated to trails.

The biggest news at Ski-Doo this year, in my opinion, is undoubtedly the brand-new front suspension geometry, called RAS RX. Rest assured, the change is not just an extra letter. This front redesign is unquestionably the most significant improvement to the REV Gen5 platform. The RAS RX front suspension is designed to tackle the most intense trail conditions with increased confidence. It offers better stability in corners and improved steering precision. The higher ski leg and new geometry are inspired by the RAS-RS.

The result is undoubtedly a testament to its efficiency. This new suspension makes the snowmobile easier to handle in every aspect. The three years of hard work by these designers have paid off. The Backcountry X-RS I tested in Montana had a level of driving precision that I had rarely seen from this manufacturer. Whether on hard-packed snow or in deep powder, this snowmobile was a joy to ride. It absorbed bumps even better with its arched upper suspension arms, offering a total travel of 279 mm.

According to Ski-Doo, the RAS RX reduces chassis roll in corners by 20% through these geometry changes. In truth, on the trail, this announced figure undeniably reflects reality.

A track specific to the 2025 Backcountry X-RS!

This version of the 2025 Backcountry X-RS is equipped with the Storm 150 or Ice Storm 150 track, measuring 146 inches. For my part, the one I had in my hands was not studded, but I wasn’t overly concerned. I didn’t ride on icy surfaces, so I was in full control at all times.

The Storm 150 track, measuring 146 × 15 × 1.5 in., once again demonstrates the predominantly trail-oriented nature of this version. I didn’t dare to put the snowmobile to the test in thick snow conditions, as it certainly wouldn’t have performed at its best. Knowing its limitations and primarily trail-oriented features, I didn’t want to put it in a situation that wouldn’t be advantageous.

2025 backcountry x-rs 2025

The result is quite satisfactory according to the intended use. It certainly won’t be as effective as a PowderMax off the trail, but it’s quieter at high speeds on the trail.

In conclusion, despite its shimmering yellow colour, which doesn’t appeal to everyone, I have an affection for the 2025 Backcountry X-RS. It boasts the latest innovations from this manufacturer, and that’s why it’s among my favourites for 2025!

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