Review of the 509 Ether Mono Suit: Flexibility, Protection, and Winter Comfort

This winter, I had the opportunity to test out the 509 Ether Mono Suit. I’d like to thank our partners, 509 and Shop MSD, for providing the opportunity to test it. I wanted to try out a non-insulated one-piece suit to compare it with the insulated two-piece set that I typically use.

Ether Mono Suit

The Selection Process

The selection process was conducted online, as it is for a vast majority of today’s consumers. 509’s website allows for easy navigation to view different models and their features. The challenging part for me was selecting the right size. There’s a size chart available to help with making a wise selection for your outfit. The issue here is that this chart isn’t easy to use. Possibly, a redesign of the website layout would make the process more straightforward. Additionally, compared to other manufacturers, the range of sizes offered isn’t extensive if you’re a taller individual. Therefore, the choice often leans towards a larger size to ensure the proper length of the outfit.

Reception and Testing

After placing the order, I received the tracking number for delivery. I was curious to see the delivery times. I was pleased to find out that we don’t need to order from big internet names to get fast delivery. Shop MSD does an excellent job, and the outfit is shipped and delivered quickly (within three days).

Upon opening the package, I was impressed by the quality of the fabric of the Ether Mono Suit. The colour is vibrant, and I quickly noticed the water-resistant zippers. An interesting feature is the use of a more durable fabric for the knees and lower legs to limit wear from frequent friction in these areas.

I put on the suit and immediately noticed that it was too long, despite being twice the right size for the width. It gave me the effect of a parachute because it was too big. The advantage is that it provides ample space to add layers underneath. The pair of suspenders inside allows for some adjustment to centre the suit from top to bottom and ensure the right clearance between the legs.

Field Test

The 2024 winter will be remembered as being too short and limited in snowfall. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the ideal conditions to truly put the Ether Mono Suit to the test for what it was developed for. However, I still had the chance to go out on the trail and try it out. I immediately noticed two things when sitting on the snowmobile. First, I felt some tension around my neck. I indeed noticed that the entire back section was stretched to the maximum. The suit is too short for the length of my torso. However, when I’m in motion with the snowmobile, everything adjusts, and this feeling of discomfort disappears. Second, I noticed that the fit with the boots is perfect. The same goes for the sleeves with the gloves.

Throughout my maneuvers, I felt free in my movements. During the test, I was only wearing a base layer, and I had to open the ventilation flaps. The ventilation was effective. Despite the suit being too big, I didn’t feel the parachute effect at all during maneuvers whether standing or sitting at higher speeds. The wind protection is excellent, which leads me to imagine the expected comfort in cold weather.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Ether Mono Suit

509 seems to have made a good choice of materials for the composition of the Ether Mono Suit. The Sympatex fabric provides excellent wind protection, making the ride comfortable. The suit also has multiple pockets for storage, offering flexibility to carry essentials.

However, the absence of long versions in different sizes is a drawback and prevents achieving a perfect fit. 509 should also review their size selection guide to make it easier to use.

Target Audience

The 509 Ether Mono Suit is a one-piece outfit designed for off-piste snowmobilers. It’s a lightweight ensemble that offers flexibility and breathability. If you’re a tall snowmobiler like myself, I recommend thoroughly shopping for your outfit. If possible, try it out at a dealership before making a decision.


In conclusion, the 509 Ether Mono Suit provides flexibility, wind protection, and quality construction for your off-trail adventures. I want to thank our partner, Shop MSD, for providing this season’s trial. Take the time to visit their website for all your clothing, parts, and equipment needs for all seasons.


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