Overview of Ski-Doo 2025 Innovations

Once again this year, Ski-Doo stands out with the introduction of numerous innovations in its lineup of snowmobile models. Given the current context, one might have expected a more modest year in terms of innovations. On the contrary, BRP has no intention of letting off the accelerator and being caught up by the competition. Here’s an overview of the main Ski-Doo 2025 innovations.

Front Suspension RAS RX

For trail snowmobile enthusiasts, the biggest innovation for 2025 is undoubtedly the introduction of the all-new RAS RX suspension. This new suspension, inspired by cross-country snowmobiles, offers several advantages. It provides increased stability and predictability in turns, more precise steering over big bumps, and industry-leading absorption capability.

All of this is made possible by judicious changes to the suspension geometry. This includes a higher ski spindle, a more inclined shock angle, and a new positioning of the sway bar stabilizer lever. The new triangular arms are even curved to offer more travel, totalling 279 mm. As a result, the angle of the triangular arms is flatter, and the roll centre is raised closer to the centre of gravity. With the shock angle more inclined, there’s an increase in resistance against lateral forces during turns. Through these geometry changes, the RAS RX reduces chassis roll in turns by 20%. You’ll find the new RAS RX front suspension in the 2025 MXZ lineup and on the new Backcountry X-RS with a 43-inch ski stance.

A frontview of a black and yellow ski-doo 2025 snowmobile on a white background
The new RAS RX suspension offers the largest travel in the industry.

Ski Pilot RX

A new suspension like the RAS RX couldn’t perform at its best without being paired with high-performance skis. The Pilot RX skis are designed for aggressive riding styles reminiscent of cross-country racing. They offer precise, confident turns in all snow conditions, along with exceptional control in fresh powder. The dual-runner design of the Pilot RX ski provides both bite on hard-packed snow and excellent control in soft snow. They also offer excellent flotation with a width of 160 mm. The 60% larger lateral surface area also enhances handling. The Pilot RX skis are available with the MXZ X, X-RS, and X-RS competition package models, as well as the Backcountry X-RS.

Yellow Pilot RX Skis jaunes on a white background
Pilot RX skis for incredible driving precision.

Backcountry X-RS

The Backcountry X-RS beefs up for 2025 with the addition of the 180 HP 850 E-TEC Turbo R engine. This engine is identical to the one powering the MXZ X-RS with the competition package. This model is available in two versions: one with a 39-inch ski stance and the other with a 43-inch stance. The 39-inch version offers a true 50-50 hybrid dynamic, with good trail capability, agility, and off-trail fun. The 43-inch version specializes in trail use, with increased stability in turns and competence in off-trail riding. Each model is equipped with a track optimized for the riding style, either a 146 x 2.0-inch PowderMax for the narrow version or a 146 x 1.5-inch Storm for the wide version. Other track options are also available depending on the chosen model.

The 2025 Backcountry X-RS is powered by the 850 E-TEC Turbo R engine.

Off-Trail Model Range

For 2025, Ski-Doo offers a range of off-trail snowmobiles with more specialized features to provide an incredible riding experience. On one hand, the Summit X is defined as light, agile, and extremely playful. Its handling is effortless, all day long. It’s equipped with KYB 36 PLUS shocks at the front and an ultra-compact seat for greater freedom of movement. On the other hand, the Summit X with the Expert package offers surgical precision on the mountain slopes and in the most technical terrains. It’s a highly predictable snowmobile in technical maneuvers, notably equipped with KYB Pro 36 EA-3 front shocks.

The Freeride is designed for extreme riding with its extreme capabilities. It’s stable and predictable at high speeds. The Pilot DS4 skis at the front reduce counter-steering effort while minimizing kickback. The dual-pivot steering system enhances driving precision and control.

2025 Summit and Freeride lineup.

Summit NEO

Good news for the Summit NEO snowmobile lineup with the increase in power offered and produced by the Rotax 600 EFI engines. The Summit NEO goes from 40 HP to 55 HP with the low-altitude calibration. Meanwhile, the NEO+ goes from 55 to 85 HP, depending on the low or high-altitude calibration.

Yellow, black, and grey Ski-Doo 2025 snowmobile on a white background
More power for Summit NEO and NEO+ snowmobiles.

Integrated Connectivity

Owners of 2025 Ski-Doo snowmobiles equipped with the 10.25-inch touchscreen display will be pleased to learn about the addition of a GPS module, allowing the use of integrated trail maps without needing to connect a cellphone. The main functions of the integrated GPS include viewing topographic maps and snowmobile trails, displaying your position on the map, and tracking your route. By connecting your cellphone to your snowmobile, you can unlock all additional navigation functions on the BRP Go! app. The GPS may be optional, depending on the choice of package and model.

The 10.25-inch touchscreen display now offers integrated GPS.


Heated Grip and Thumb Control Management

For the 2025 model year, BRP addresses a problematic situation with the buttons for controlling heated grips and thumb warmers. In the 2023 and 2024 models, adjusting the thumb warmer was done proportionally through a single button. With the new 2025 configuration, a first click on the button activates the adjustment of the grips, and a second click activates the adjustment of the thumb warmer. Adjustment is now done with the up and down buttons. This reintroduces independent adjustment, as in the past.

Electric Snowmobiles

Ski-Doo expands their electric snowmobile lineup with the addition of the Expedition model. The major difference with this model is the presence of a 137-inch track and Pilot DS2 skis. The inclusion of four LinQ anchor points offers more flexibility for carrying gear. Initially reserved for the 2024 season at BRP Experience Centers, Ski-Doo electric snowmobiles will now be available to a wider range of fleet operators or businesses such as ski resorts. Ski-Doo does not offer these snowmobiles to the general public, at least for now…

Other Improvements

Several other significant improvements are present throughout the lineup. Here are some examples:

  • The MXZ X-RS with the competition package and 850 E-TEC Turbo R engine is available with Smart-Shox shocks.
  • The MXZ X and the Renegade X are now equipped with four-piston brake calipers.
  • The Renegade X and X-RS come with a standard heated seat and heated visor outlet.
  • The Grand-Touring LE with the Platinum package now features an integrated GPS.
three people sitting on their ski-doo 2025 snowmobile in a circle discuss
The Ski-Doo 2025 lineup, even more performance-oriented and diversified.

Many engine options, track configurations, and colour combinations are available in the 2025 lineup.

So, once again this year, Ski-Doo surprises us with a host of new features and innovations. Most of the top-of-the-line models are exclusive to the spring, so we encourage you to visit your Ski-Doo dealer quickly to take advantage of these exclusive offers. We also invite you to join the Ski-Doo 2025 Spring Tour, which will be visiting different regions of the province in the coming weeks.

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