Yamaha 2025 Snowmobiles – One Last Lap!

yamaha 2025

Last June, Yamaha announced that its 2025 snowmobile production would be the final one (read the announcement). So, it is with a lot of nostalgia that I present to you the very last batch of Yamaha 2025 snowmobiles. For this final lap, I must say my technological expectations were rather low. However, I anticipated more of a celebration of Yamaha’s rich history in the world of snowmobiling (read my predictions). I expected to see the revival of colour schemes that had marked this long journey that began back in 1968. Unfortunately, I must admit that I was left wanting in that regard. Don’t get me wrong, several models have very beautiful colour schemes for 2025, but I expected to see several nods to mythical models.

The SRX Limited Edition

If you’re a snowmobile collector, you definitely don’t want to miss out on the latest edition of the Sidewinder SRX. Only 998 units of this model will be manufactured. Additionally, each of them will have a numbered plaque.

For the ultimate SRX edition, the manufacturer has opted for Team Yamaha blue with touches of white and black. The features are essentially the same as in 2024, except for the new adjustable handlebar, which I’ll discuss below.

Yamaha Sidewinder SRX 2025

One Last Technological Innovation

For this latest Yamaha 2025 snowmobile lineup, the manufacturer has introduced, for certain models, a mechanism to adjust the handlebar position. This system allows for moving the handlebar forward or backward, offering five options for a maximum displacement of 4.5 in. (11.4 cm) between the forward and backward positions.

This system can be found on the Sidewinder SRX, L-TX LE, and L-TX GT models.

The Sidewinder MTX LE Makes a Comeback

Yamaha has decided to bring back the Sidewinder M-TX LE in a highly limited edition for 2025. This model was in high demand among a niche group of four-stroke mountain snowmobile enthusiasts. However, please note that the number of units produced will be extremely limited.

yamaha 2025

Models Available in 2025

For its final year of snowmobile production, Yamaha presents 16 different models. You can check out the list of available models and their specifications by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

Availability of Yamaha 2025 Snowmobiles

Yamaha has informed us that, considering the current context, they have planned a production of approximately 80% of the number of units from last year. They also mentioned that some models may see an increase in numbers while others may decrease.

Furthermore, Yamaha reassures owners of Yamaha snowmobiles that they can expect the same level of support for the years to come. Dealerships will continue to offer maintenance and parts for both Yamaha 2025 snowmobiles and previous years.

Happy shopping to all!

yamaha 2025

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