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2024 RMK Khaos Slash Has a Strong Heart

rmk khaos slash 2024

Are you looking to conquer the toughest mountain terrains out there? Then here is the Polaris Patriot 9R RMK Khaos Slash 155. This snowmobile is a wild beast ready to dominate the mountains of Quebec! The muscular power and agility of this beast will lead you to push your own limits. The attributes of the 2024 RMK Khaos Slash allow for quick accelerations and the ability to instantly navigate through deep snow! That’s the purpose of the 2024 Patriot 9R RMK Khaos Slash 155!

Power Tailored for Manoeuvrability

I’m on my first miles aboard the 2024 RMK Khaos Slash. For its second year of production, this model shows very few novelties. Since its unveiling in the spring of 2022, this powerful 899 cc engine has set a new standard for off-road machines. The excitement for this engine is still palpable for 2024!

It is worth noting that the Matryx chassis allows for mastering the estimated 170–180 HP of this “Big Bore.” Moreover, the benefits of the external reservoir Walker Evans shocks of the 2024 RMK Khaos Slash enable handling the sneaky repercussions that one may encounter when fully exploiting the wildness of the snow.

a person riding their 2024 RMK Khaos Slash in deep snow

Expectations and exhilaration

I was anticipating a lot of fun aboard this 155-inch tunnel length. It was indeed the case! This tunnel length is considered the all-around option offered by all manufacturers. Our long-term test machine is equipped with a 15 × 155 × 2.75 Series 8 track. This track is known for providing grip in deep snow while being just flexible enough to tackle mountain slopes.

In practice, one can only validate these claims as it stands out for its efficiency. Its studs are just soft enough and just hard enough. This 15-inch wide track is light and allows for effective exits in deep snow. The double grip of the drive sprockets, in relation to the track and the Quickdrive 2 transmission, provides flawless engagement and response speed.

Although its replacement cost is high in case of damage, this track remains one of my favourites!

A machine tailored for Quebec

It can be said that the Patriot 9R RMK Khaos Slash 155 is a machine that meets the expectations of Quebec snowmobilers. The almost instantaneous power transfer maneuvers through tight spots such as trenches, riverbanks, and near closely spaced trees. Although the power range may seem short, it remains, in my opinion, ideal for our terrain!

This year, I evaluated my machine in Quebec and in the Western Canadian horizons, where it is common to reach altitudes of 1,500 to 2,200 metres. That’s why it was interesting to evaluate the two clutch configurations offered by Polaris. I used the low altitude configuration in Quebec and the high altitude one in Western Canada. The machines come from the factory with the primary pulley ramps and secondary pulley (cam) that you chose at the time of purchase. These will be adapted either for the east or west of our continent.

Right from the start, the Patriot 9R engine needs to reach 8,450 RPM to respect the power curve for which it was designed. These levels of RPM stand out in comparison to what is done by competitors or other engines from the manufacturer. Typically, a two-stroke engine aims for around 8,200 RPM. To respect these ratios, Polaris recommends replacing the cams based on the altitude at which you are riding. You’ll only find happiness if you engage in this exercise!

Here are the findings from my tests:

Primary pulley

  • Low altitude: 3 ramps 14–80 (0 to 900 metres)
  • High altitude: 3 ramps 14–74 (900 to 2,000 metres)
  • High altitude: 3 ramps 14–72 (2,000 metres and above)

Secondary pulley

  • Low altitude cam (60/42/.36)
  • High altitude cam (56/42/.36)

7S Display and Ride Command GPS

Although it’s not a novelty, I was still excited to try out the 7S screen with Ride Command technology. This accessory might seem essential for adventure enthusiasts. However, it should not become the sole reference for location. All the guides we encountered in Western Canada also reminded us of this fact. We witnessed some shortcomings in the accuracy of positioning and the consistency of real-time location. For example, the radius for finding someone in our group was estimated at 1.5 km. In reality, this was not always the case. Additionally, the recorded routes were not identical from one screen to another. We also found that the text messaging system offered only worked occasionally. Not to mention the joystick-type selector button that can detach and be lost.

Although these remarks may seem negative, the 7-inch screen is still well designed and sturdy for off-road use. The screen is large, bright, and clear. Its touch system works well even with gloves. The menus are comprehensive and diverse, allowing for multiple display configurations. It’s easy to find, among other things, the speed indicator, tachometer, and fuel level. It’s also very aesthetically pleasing!

7S Display showing the GPS on the 2024 RMK Khaos Slash

Reliability and Maintenance

The reliability of the Patriot 9R engines has proven to be solid so far. However, it seems that refurbishing the spider of the P22 primary pulley still poses some issues for certain riders located farther across the country. One of these issues arises from the central screw, which requires special attention. It is suggested to check the torque force daily, which is 110 lb/ft. This screw also tends to break in some cases of heavy machine operation. It is recommended to have a spare screw and spring on hand for this primary pulley.

Another drawback is related to the sled’s rails. They no longer have caps at the ends, which were intended to protect the nylon slides and the track. It is advisable to make some modifications to protect these components by installing, for example, “AfterMarket” sets to address this issue.

Conclusion: Heart and Guts!

Despite having a few small recommendations to submit to Polaris, the 2024 Patriot 9R RMK Khaos Slash 155 remains a highly sought-after model. It’s a machine that stands out for its agility and the sheer pleasure it brings when ridden. Its muscular engine paired with the Matryx chassis with a short tunnel impresses with its ability to navigate through deep snow. The recognized manoeuvrability of the RMK off-piste segments is still very much present! Snowmobilers from Eastern Canada will find a responsive machine, as its strengths allow it to leap over any obstacles encountered. Just push the throttle to straighten out the nose of the beast, and you’re good to go. It’s hard to imagine any further improvement to this machine in the future, as it surprises with its raw power.

This mountain beast has managed to seduce all our test pilots so far. Will you be among the privileged few to enjoy its pleasures?

a person riding their 2024 rmk khaos slash in deep snow

Test Machine Specifications

Model: 2024 Patriot 9R RMK Khaos Slash 155

Suspension: Walker Evans Velocity shocks with adjustable compression HI-LO reservoir

Transmission and Drive Pulley: Quickdrive 2 and P22

Track: 15 × 155 × 2.75

Ski Stance: 36 inches—37–38

Screen: 7S (optional)

Fuel Capacity: 41.6 litres

Dry Weight: 426 lb

Positive Points

  • Power of the Patriot 9R engine
  • Engine/transmission response
  • Manoeuvrability and precision of handling
  • Performance in deep snow
  • Lightweight construction

Negative Points:

  • Angle of the rear rails/missing end caps
  • Foam panels prone to water and ice buildup
  • Front aluminum tables needing revision for better impact resistance
  • Primary pulley screws requiring review

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