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2022 RMK Khaos Slash: Khaos to Perfection

rmk khaos slash 2022

What’s in a name? “Khaos.” It’s defined as complete disorder and confusion. Is that what the hybrid RMK is really all about? Or better yet, is that the effect it has on the competition? I’ve been a long time rider of the Polaris mountain chassis starting with the IQ and have owned every chassis since. It’s time to ride the new Matryx chassis and feel the progression! Follow along with me as I dissect the 2022 Polaris Matryx 850 Khaos 155 Slash.

Khaotic Beginnings

When I first stood on the 2022 RMK Khaos Slash, I felt I wasn’t far from home. I previously owned and guided on an Axys chassis and I didn’t feel that I was in a completely different cockpit. Polaris to me has always been known for “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” What the company excels at, is taking what’s already good and making it better.

The most noticeable change when first standing on the Matryx is the narrower side panels. Other mentions are the lower, flatter profile seat and, of course, the slash tunnel. It’s nice to see the engineers looking for unused space on these mountain sleds. What I mean is the Slash tunnel was a great way to save weight while also making it functional in terms of deep powder riding. The sleds don’t need all that tunnel out the back and the effect we get as riders doing tail stands and wheelies is priceless!

Controlling Khaos

When I think of control on a snowmobile, I think of two points of contact. First, physical contact between rider and machine through the handlebars and running boards. Second, is the machine’s contact to the snow through the skis and track. Ever since the introduction of the Dragon series, Polaris Industries decided to give hardcore riders the rawest set up for handlebars. No complaints here! Fewer switches to get broken when rolling the sled out of a sticky situation.

One could describe the steering feel through the post as “flatter” than the competition and has a very reactive feedback for precise input. The handlebar hooks on the Khaos keep your grip from sliding off and allow for extra leverage as well. The running boards have a rigid feel to me and have very little snow accumulations with tons of traction. Polaris has come a long way with their running boards, we mountain riders salute you!

Now, let’s talk about contact with the snow. As I said before, Polaris usually doesn’t change something that is near perfect. I’ve been a fan of the Gripper ski since its introduction. The angle from the outside edge of the ski to the lower point of the keel helps the snowmobile achieve a near-perfect balance point. I’m not sure if there was intent from the engineers in regard to that design, but, either way, it’s on the Khaos and it performs amazing! I’ve even seen the Gripper ski installed on the competition because it performs that well!

Lastly, in the control category, we have the track. The 2022 RMK Khaos Slash I tested was equipped with a 3-inch lug Series 7 track. I’ve become a fan of the 3-inch lug height on the 155 length. It makes the Khaos nimbler while still having tons of traction in deep snow and slower technical terrain. I didn’t notice any extra vibration when taking the hard pack off the mountain either.


When the terrain turns Khaotic, this 2022 RMK Khaos Slash has found its place! It’s nice to know the industry has responded to riders who are pushing their limits and those of their machine. The adjustable piggyback shocks on the Polaris Khaos are not for your relaxed “trail ride” guy or even your “gently carve up the meadow” kind of rider. They are designed for big hits, drops, log pops, wheelies, and precise manoeuvrability. On the shock itself, you will see two knobs. The red knob is the high-speed compression adjustment. As for the black knob, it serves as the low-speed compression. The spring tension is also adjustable to increase or decrease rebound speeds. I’m about 185 lb in my gear and the suspension was stiff enough for me right out of the box. The harder I pushed the sled, the better the shocks performed.

A design that is specific to the Khaos package is the rear suspension rail profile. It has a more immediate angle of attack which helps this sled lift the skis out of the snow more easily. This feature, along with the fully adjustable shock package and adjustable ski stance, let’s you fine-tune this machine to be more or less playful. Remember, it’s all about personal preference. One rider’s idea of “less playful” might mean “more precise” to another.


The 850 with CleanFire Injection is a strong power plant. Now that it’s been on the snow for a while, it has proven its reliability. I’ve seen the local rental sleds with well over 6,000 miles and still going strong. The low-end torque is great for lifting the skis and the throttle is crisp without being over sensitive. The 2022 RMK Khaos Slash comes with an 11-gallon fuel tank. I didn’t notice the 850 engine drinking any more or less fuel than I’ve become accustomed to on the Polaris mountain sleds. In fact, I had a good full day of riding and still had enough fuel to get home!

I don’t want to forget to mention that the 850’s power is distributed through the Qucikdrive belt system. It perfectly replaced the chain and oil bath case. I love the feel and it’s been reliable as ever! No changing oil and no risk of a catastrophic chain failure.

In Conclusion

Before sitting down to write this article for my fellow riders, I had time to ponder in my helmet about what the 2022 RMK Khaos Slash really brings to the snow. Living next to a super volcano, in West Yellowstone, I imagined the chaotic changes and transformations that the volcanic eruptions brought about. In the end, such perfection was achieved with the beautiful geysers and blue hot springs we see around us. It made me smile because I thought about all the Polaris mountain chassis I’ve ridden over the years. It took time, and some chaotic changes in engineering, to achieve a level of perfection with the Matryx Khaos package. Hence, Khaos to Perfection.

My final opinion is that the Matryx chassis in the 2022 RMK Khaos Slash package is an absolute blast ride. My riding buddy was surprised at how tightly it would carve and it is, by far, the most maneuverable Polaris mountain chassis I’ve ever ridden! It’s a mountain sled for the hardest core of riders wanting to take themselves to a higher level than ever before! I would like to sincerely thank Sledmagazine.com and Polaris Industries for allowing me to test this machine!

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