2024 Expedition SE: This Tank Took Me Anywhere!

2024 expedition se 2024

Before I begin, I want to thank Ski-Doo for graciously lending me this powerhouse so I could take part in the First Nations Expedition, held from January 27 to February 10, 2024. The 2024 Expedition SE carried me through all conditions on this 3,334 km journey. I crossed Quebec from end to end, sometimes in extremely unfavourable conditions for a snowmobile. At times, it felt as if we should have had an ATV.

In One Piece and Without Damage

Yet, the Ski-Doo 2024 Expedition SE came home in one piece and without damage. I only used about 200 ml of motor oil throughout the journey. To be honest, it is certain that a complete vehicle inspection will need to be done, among other things on the sliders which show good signs of wear.

I must also say that Ski-Doo’s snow scrapers helped preserve the sliders. These scraped the snow, as well as other surfaces (sand, gravel, asphalt, dirt, etc.), during the 3,334 km. Only one of the two scrapers will need to be replaced. I lost the carbide tip that preserves wear. The metal of the rod has therefore worn out afterwards.

Air Radiator

The radiator, equipped with a fan (standard on this snowmobile), played an important role in preserving the engine. It is very effective in maintaining an adequate temperature despite the frequent lack of snow we encountered.

Pilot 7.4 Skis

As for the Pilot 7.4 skis, they are in excellent condition thanks to the semi-aggressive Snowtracker blades I installed before my departure. If I hadn’t done this, the skis on the 2024 Expedition SE would probably be pierced. Indeed, this is what happened to other participants who used blades from other companies. By the way, thank you to Snowtracker for providing them to me.

2024 expedition se 2024

A Plethora of Features

The 2024 Expedition SE took me everywhere! Here are some of the features of this tank that contributed to its performance:

  • The ultra-high windshield protected me from the elements.
  • Its two-seat design provided the necessary comfort to spend up to 12 hours on the trail without fatigue.
  • I was able to carry everything I needed thanks to the 135-litre storage trunk. This accessory comes standard on this model. The multi-LinQ plate on its cover allowed me to carry the fuel reserve I needed. The space under the passenger seat is also very convenient.

135-litre storage trunk on the 2024 expedition SE

  • The ICE Cobra track, equipped with 1.5-inch studs and factory-studded, allowed me to ride safely on icy surfaces.
  • Its rear pneumatic suspension provided unmatched comfort in all kinds of conditions.
  • The removable trailer hitch allowed me to attach a sled when necessary.
  • The ski stance is adjustable. This allowed me to configure the vehicle wider for better manoeuvrability on the trail.
  • Its optional contour front bumper effectively protects the body from unwanted contact with small trees or other obstacles.
  • The front LED headlights option allows us to see well when the sun is setting.

In short, the Expedition SE 2024 is undoubtedly the most utilitarian snowmobile I know. It is certainly the most comfortable as well. I felt safe.

Some Areas for Improvement

However, my review would not be complete if I did not mention any points for improvement.

  • The 900 ACE Turbo engine performs well, but it lacks a bit of power. 130 HP in such a large machine is not enough, in my opinion. It would need at least 150 HP. It is true that we have the option to choose the 900 ACE Turbo R engine with 180 HP instead. However, I believe that reprogramming the 130-HP engine to increase it to 150 HP could suffice.
  • Fuel consumption averaged 20 to 21 L/100 km. I consider this to be excessive. This is probably due to the lack of power of the engine.
  • Earlier, I mentioned the good protection of the ultra-high windshield. However, this comes with an unpleasant back draft around the neck.
  • The handlebar grip, which can be added to the handlebars to maneuver the machine more easily off-road, somewhat obscures the speed indicator. I had to move to be able to view the display.
  • The 7.2-inch digital indicator is very basic but user-friendly and easy to use. However, I recommend opting for the 7.8-inch ACL display indicator for its more advanced features. Among these functions, you can find phone pairing and the ability to display the BRP Go! application while riding.


This completes my analysis of the Ski-Doo 2024 Expedition SE 2024, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Despite the minor points for improvement that I mentioned, I still had an extraordinary time aboard it. So much so that I asked the manufacturer if I could purchase it at the end of my journey. After all, it survived extreme conditions.

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