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Yamaha 2025—What can we expect?

Last summer, Yamaha announced its withdrawal from the world of snowmobiling after the production of the upcoming year (read this article). Thus, one can wonder what the manufacturer has in store for us with its 2025 Yamaha snowmobile lineup.

It all started in 1968.

The first model to come off the assembly line at Yamaha is the 1968 SL 350, which is manufactured in 300 units, with 270 exported to America (Ref: Histoire de la Motoneige, Pierre Pellerin, Les Éditions de l’Homme, 2005). In the years that followed, the Japanese manufacturer showed a lot of leadership by introducing several technological innovations. For example, in its second year of production, Yamaha introduced the oil injection system, which quickly became the industry standard.

Yamaha SL 350 1968
Yamaha SL 350 1968

Yamaha also revolutionized the market in 2003. Indeed, the manufacturer introduced the first high-performance snowmobile equipped with a 4-stroke engine: The RX-1, which boasted an impressive 150 HP.

Yamaha RX-1 2003
Yamaha RX-1 2003

A Final lap in 2025.

Of course, one cannot expect major technological innovations for this final year of production. According to our sources, the Yamaha would take advantage of this ultimate production year to showcase and celebrate its history.

Yamaha SRX 1980

Thus, I believe that the 2025 Yamaha snowmobiles will display colours and decals reminiscent of the models that have marked the history since 1968. For avid fans of the manufacturer, it is clear that the 2025 Yamaha snowmobiles will quickly become collector’s items.

Yamaha Enticer 340 C 1979

For the manufacturer, 2025 will be a year of celebration. They will thank all the enthusiasts who have, over the past 57 years, ridden Yamaha sleds.

Of course, people who have purchased a Yamaha snowmobile in recent years will continue to be served by an extensive network of dealerships. Whether it’s for maintenance, purchasing an original part, or for a repair, Yamaha snowmobile owners will receive the same great service for many years to come.

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