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2024 Yamaha Mountain Max LE 154 SL review

2024 Yamaha Mountain Max LE 154 SL

The 2024 Yamaha Mountain Max LE 154 SL is a snowmobile designed for backcountry mountain riders. This sled is packed with interesting features and technology that make it Yamaha’s best mountain option for those who want to tackle challenging terrain and carve through deep snow. Let’s take a look at what makes this Yamaha’s top performing mountain sled.

The Heart of the Mountain Max

At the heart of this sled is a powerful, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, 2-stroke engine, with a displacement of 794 cc. The engine is paired with a lightweight CVT clutch that provides smooth, and consistent power delivery, giving riders the confidence they need to tackle any challenge. The Mountain Max LE 154 SL also comes with a digital gauge cluster that provides real-time information about your speed, RPMs, and engine temperature, which gives you the data you need to optimize your ride.

2024 Yamaha Mountain Max LE 154 SL

3.0” Power Claw Track

One of the standout features of this sled is its track. The Mountain Max LE 154 SL comes with a 3.0-inch Power Claw track that provides exceptional traction, and flotation in deep snow. This track is designed to provide maximum traction, and stability in challenging terrain, perfect for riders who want to explore the backcountry, and tackle steep hill climbs.

2024 Yamaha Mountain Max LE 154 SL

Fox Zero QS3 Shocks

The front suspension features Fox Zero QS3 shocks that have three easy-to-use compression dampening settings, allowing riders to customize the ride to their liking. The suspension on this sled is designed to be responsive, and easy to adjust, giving riders the ability to fine-tune the ride to their preferences. Mountain Max’s suspension is a little more rigid than other mountain sleds in its class.

2024 Yamaha Mountain Max LE 154 SL

In terms of handling and manoeuvrability, the Mountain Max LE 154 SL is a joy to ride while under power, and in a hill climb. The sled features a narrow design and has a single beam rear rail that makes it easy to maneuver through trees and tight spaces, while the 36” wide ski stance provides excellent stability in off-camber terrain. The sled also comes with a lightweight mountain ski that provides exceptional float, and responsiveness, so riders can carve through the snow.

Mountain Max LE 154 SL comes with a few characteristics that make it stand out from other models in the Yamaha lineup. Some of the notable ones include the lightness of the mountain seat, the forged aluminum spindles and the mountain ski.

Room For Improvement

While the Mountain Max LE 154 SL is an impressive sled, there are a few areas that I feel could be improved upon. First, the sled can be a bit rigid in the front suspension, making it more difficult to initiate and hold downhill turns or sidehills. It also has a steering post with a lot of joints to route it around the motor, making the steering feel heavy, and more difficult than other sleds.

While the sled is designed to be lightweight, and nimble, it can still feel a bit heavy compared to other models in its class. This could be mainly due to the aging chassis that this sled is built on. We’re crossing our fingers and hoping Yamaha has a chassis upgrade in the near future for its mountain line.

Finally, some riders may find the sled to be a bit rough on bumpy terrain. While the adjustable suspension is designed to provide a smooth ride, the sled may not be as forgiving as other models when hitting larger bumps, or jumps.

2024 Yamaha Mountain Max LE 154 SL

Overall, the 2024 Yamaha Mountain Max LE 154 SL is an impressive snowmobile that has a lot to offer. With its powerful engine, impressive track, and customizable suspension, this sled is a strong contender for backcountry riders who want to explore the mountains and tackle challenging terrain.

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