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Will the Renegade Adrenaline Enduro 850 E-TEC live up to our expectations?

Ski-Doo Renegade Adrenaline Enduro 850 E-TEC

Will the Renegade Adrenaline Enduro 850 E-TEC live up to our expectations?

When I first became interested in snowmobiling in the 90s, it was extremely easy to keep track of the specifications of each model since our options were so limited. Today, the number of available machines on the market has multiplied. We have the privilege to really pick and choose when it comes to selecting a snowmobile that perfectly matches our preferences.

Manufacturers are striving to offer accessories that allow us to customize our sleds down to the smallest detail. As a result, every snowmobile is as unique as its owner.

A Major Partner Joins Our List!

Before proceeding with this article, we must announce that it is with great honor that we welcome  Groupe Contant as one of our partners. Their team joins us as part of our long-term trial program. The Contant name has resonated in the industry since the early ’40s, and has built a solid reputation over the years. In 1993, the family business became the largest seller of BRP motorized vehicles in Canada.

This introduction probably hints at the fact that the model that we will be reviewing will be our very first collaboration with Groupe Contant.

Our Test Model: The Renegade Adrenaline Enduro 850 E-TEC Package From Ski-Doo

Those in the know will be familiar with the Enduro version of Ski-Doo’s Renegade lineup. A few years ago, this name replaced the GSX, a model that was very popular for the manufacturer.

If you’re a purist, you’ll agree that the former designation was intended as a luxury tourer for the trails. In the case of the Enduro 2024 version, nothing has changed apart from the name that has designated it since the 2016 model year.

A 2-Stroke Engine in The Renegade family?

For 2024, Ski-Doo has made major changes to the subdivision of its trail snowmobiles. The famous MX-Z are powered exclusively by 2-stroke engines. The Renegade models, on the other hand, are powered strictly by 4-stroke engines… with the exception of the Enduro model. There’s no denying Ski-Doo’s appeal in offering a snowmobile such as this one with such a wide range of engines (Rotax 600R, 850 E-TEC, 900 ACE, 900 ACE Turbo and 900 ACE Turbo R).

Moteur Rorax 850 E-TEC

Our test model is equipped with the well-known Rotax 850 E-TEC engine. With 165 horsepower and the pDrive pulley, we’ll be putting this combination to the test in a wide range of conditions.

What Can We Expect From the Enduro?

One thing is certain: the Ski-Doo Adrenaline Enduro 850 E-Tec 2024 raises the bar in the touring category. Its features prove it.

Its rMotion X ACS (controlled air suspension) rear suspension is one of the best when it comes to convenience. There’s no need to crouch on the trail to make any changes, you simply need to make your selection on the screen. The ACS and its selectable preload settings allow us to achieve the perfect combination of handling and comfort without needing to stop the vehicle.

It would be a mistake to omit mentioning the 10.25″ colour touchscreen with BRP Connect. This high-resolution infotainment system offers an interactive, informative and customizable experience. It’s also easy to integrate and use. We’ll elaborate on all the features of this screen in a subsequent article. Personally, I’m particularly looking forward to trying out the navigation system. Will it be up to the task? We’ll soon find out.


Ski-Doo Renegade Adrenaline Enduro 850 E-TEC

The REV GEN5 chassis introduced last year is a major improvement since the arrival of the pyramid configuration in 2003. The introduction of this chassis is scheduled for 2024 for the Enduro. The addition of a fourth engine mount is not insignificant. BRP designers are constantly striving to improve their snowmobiles.

These are just a few of the features this model has to offer. We’ll be more exhaustive in the first impressions article to come.

We Challenged Groupe Contant!

You’ll recall that at the start of this article, we mentioned that customization options are endless nowadays. To prove it, we challenged Groupe Contant to modify our Ski-Doo Adrenaline Enduro into a passenger touring version. Cracking a smile, they accepted the challenge. Ski-Doo’s accessories catalogue makes this transformation an easy one, and it’s probably a common task for our new partner.

Adding a 1+1 seat can be done quickly, just like removing it to revert to a solo snowmobile. Will the snowmobile meet the additional demands of a passenger? One thing we know is that we’ll need to adjust the suspension for comfortable riding.

Ski-Doo Renegade Adrenaline Enduro 850 E-TEC

In Conclusion

The addition of the Ski-Doo Adrenaline version Enduro 850 E-TEC 2024 propels us to a whole new level of excitement. Much to our regret, we weren’t able to try it out at the SnowShoot in Montana last February. We’re convinced that, despite its sober presentation, it will turn a lot of heads.

A huge thank you to Groupe Contant, without whom this trial would not have been possible. Don’t hesitate to visit their large showrooms – you’ll be amazed!

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