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Yamaha 2024 Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS, Impress Me

In early December, I was excited because I was going to pick up, from the Motos Thibault dealership in Sherbrooke, the Yamaha 2024 Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS that I was able to try out this winter. This test is possible thanks to our partner, Yamaha Canada. In early January, the white gold, which is essential for conducting my tests, still hasn’t fallen, except in a few places far from my home. Please, someone, make it snow! Finally, a few weeks later, my wish is granted. In Saint-Damien, in the Lanaudière region, the trails open up. I then attach the trailer to the truck, load up my snowmobile, and off I go… Yippee!


First contact

Here we go! My friends and I set out to explore the trails of this region. The trails were freshly groomed, so they weren’t in the best condition. This allowed me to appreciate the smoothness of the suspension of the 2024 Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS and make the necessary adjustments to absorb the trail’s bumps. I was advised to be gentle with the throttle for the first 800 kilometres. But as soon as I press the accelerator, I hear and feel the 200 horsepower of the engine roaring, which gets me excited.

Its engine, the heart of the beast

The 998 cc Genesis turbocharged engine was completely designed by the engineers of the Japanese company in 2017. The power and reliability of this mechanical heart are undoubtedly among the best on the market. This engine propels the 2024 Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS to a sensational acceleration that will leave you grinning from ear to ear throughout your ride. In my opinion, no other two-seater snowmobile is as powerful as this one.

sidewinder s-tx GT EPS 20024

The rear suspension

Earlier, I spoke about the smoothness of its suspension. Honestly, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by it. In the past, I had tested the Sidewinder L-TX and the SRX, and I had become accustomed to a much firmer suspension with these two single-seater models. Indeed, I expected the same from the 2024 Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS. However, this two-seater snowmobile absorbs bumps smoothly. If another person accompanies us, it’s very easy to install the overload springs. This allows the suspension to provide total comfort for both you and your passenger.

The appearance

I really like the design of the 2024 Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS. With its blue and silver colouring, it turns heads on the white snow. The ultra-bright V-shaped headlights are not only beautiful but also effective. Another interesting feature is the backrest of the two-seater snowmobile. It can be easily removed when riding solo. Indeed, all you have to do is remove the two latches on each side of the seat and disconnect the wire. This turns the snowmobile into a sleek-looking single-seater. Reattaching the backrest is just as easy. It’s also adjustable for the driver, allowing them to lean back for better comfort during long rides.

Latches for backrest

Comfort and instrumentation

The 2024 Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS comes fully equipped with:

  • Heated handlebars and thumb warmer
  • Heated handlebar for the rear passenger
  • Front and rear heated seats with independent controls
  • Ultra-comfortable seat
  • RCA-DC ports at the front and rear to connect your helmet visor
  • 12-volt outlet to connect any other accessories
  • Small heated pouch in front of the dashboard to store your cell phone
  • Two locked and detachable hard cases for carrying personal belongings
  • Large trunk for storing spare belts and tools. The access for the auxiliary tank is located in this rear trunk.

The control buttons allow for quick action due to their good positioning. However, I would prefer different colours for better visibility. Yamaha has not developed a touchscreen display to provide a wealth of information. Nevertheless, the current dial does the job well. It contains all the important information for the driver. The additional 15.5 L tank, offering a total of 50 L, significantly increases the snowmobile’s autonomy and allows for long-distance rides.


Driver-side (front) switch for heated seat, RCA-DC outlet for visor, and emergency switch

Front suspension and steering

The high-performance Fox Zero QS3 1.5 suspension excels in its function. With a simple click, you can adjust ski pressure to tailor the ride to your style. The Yamaha Stryke single keel ski with original carbide performs admirably, providing stability without significant wandering. Yet, what truly wowed me is the Electronic Power Steering (EPS) system. Despite the snowmobile’s weight, maneuvering remains effortless. This adaptable electronic assist enables drivers to traverse long, winding trails without arm or shoulder fatigue. Esteemed by both women and seasoned riders, it instills a constant sense of control. I earnestly anticipate a future where all snowmobile manufacturers embrace this technology.

In conclusion

As of now, I’ve accumulated just over 1,500 km to support my initial impressions of the 2024 Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS. Thus far, I am not disappointed. Its comfort level, trail behaviour, and enthusiasm leave me with few faults to find. I’m embarking on a week-long journey with it, and you can expect to read my final assessment later in the season. I invite you, along with my colleagues and me, to read our reviews on the Motoneiges.ca web magazine for a plethora of information. See you soon!

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