Yamaha 2024 Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS: Preseason Analysis

In mid-November, I received a call from the president of Sledmagazine.com informing me that Yamaha is offering a 2024 Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS snowmobile for the entire season. I will have the privilege of testing this powerhouse this winter. The snowmobile will be delivered to the Motos Thibault dealership in Sherbrooke for preparation and for me to take possession of it.

Yamaha 2024 Sidewinter S-TX GT EPS

The 2024 Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS is Yamaha’s two-seater Touring snowmobile. It boasts a comprehensive set of features and is the most powerful snowmobile in its category. Allow me to describe in more detail the characteristics of this powerhouse.

Yamaha 2024 Sidewinter S-TX GT EPS


I’ve always found Yamaha snowmobiles to have a beautiful design in general. This one certainly upholds the reputation of Japanese style. Its blue and silver colours, V-shaped headlights, aerodynamic cabin design, and high-tinted windshield, that deflects the wind to protect the rider, give it an impressive appearance. It catches the attention of many snowmobilers when they see it.


A two-seater snowmobile must be comfortable, so Yamaha has gone all out to satisfy everyone. Let me list the points I’ll have to try out:

  • Large ultra-comfortable heated two-seater seat with independent controls for the driver and passenger.
  • Rear passenger’s hands are protected by deflectors, and they can control their own heated grips and seat.
  • Rear rigid luggage case with lock for securely carrying personal belongings.
  • Rear suspension with overload blade to improve comfort when two people are on the snowmobile.
  • Front suspension with Fox QS3 shocks allowing adjustment of ski pressure with a simple click to improve handling.
  • Auxiliary fuel tank providing a total of 50 litres combined, enabling long-distance travel.
  • Standard RCA DC outlet for connecting your helmet visor, as well as a 12-volt outlet in the console for accessories.
  • Variable assist EPS system. This system drastically reduces the effort required by the driver to steer their machine. I was impressed when I tried it on the single seat Touring last year. So I’m really looking forward to trying it this year on this model, which might require even more effort from its driver.


Yamaha 2024 Sidewinter S-TX GT EPS


Everything has been said about this engine, but it still surprises. When Yamaha created the turbocharged Genesis 998 engine, they aimed to craft a very powerful, reliable machine capable of propelling the snowmobile at very high speeds. This turbocharged engine develops 200 HP and is only matched by Ski-Doo’s 900 ACE Turbo R engine.


When it comes to the dashboard, Yamaha remains very conservative. There is no digital screen or other technological innovation. However, the dial works well and provides all the information the driver needs. The control buttons for thumb and heated grips are well positioned. The same goes for the start and reverse button (it’s the same button).

dashboard of the Yamaha 2024 Sidewinter S-TX GT EPS

Driving Experience

Yamaha has designed a unique single-keel ski, the Stryke, to achieve a balance between light steering effort (thanks to the EPS system) and snowmobile manoeuvrability in various conditions. Special carbides are also expected to enhance the driving experience. Additionally, the variable ski stance, set at 42 inches, further contributes to this.


Yamaha has announced that 2025 will be their last year of snowmobile production. Many will wonder why. Their product is competitive and reliable. But there’s nothing we can do about it… So for the time we have left, let’s make the most of what this snowmobile can offer us.

I hope to cover many kilometres with my 2024 Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS. My first impressions will soon follow so that you, future buyers, can be as informed as possible about this snowmobile. I will highlight what I believe are its strengths and points for improvement.

In conclusion, I want to thank Yamaha Motors Canada for allowing me to test this snowmobile. I also thank Sledmagazine.com for their trust. I invite you to read the web magazine for a wealth of information for snowmobilers. See you soon!

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