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This winter, I had the chance to test the CKX Yukon gloves. Here are my impressions.


These gloves are made of a combination of Nylon and leather. That is to say that the palm and fingertips are made of leather. The rest of the glove is made of Nylon, for example the back of the hand or the long wrist to protect you from the wind. These gloves have 133g of PrimaLoft insulation on the back and 60g on the palm. They also have a waterproof membrane. The gloves have, among other things, a wrist strap and an elastic cord at the end of the wrist extension. Just like my jacket and all my other CKX clothing, these gloves also have reflective strips. Finally, they have a small strip on the index finger of the left hand to wipe rain off your glasses or helmet.

Trail test.

I must say that these gloves give me good control on my snowmobile. Gloves made entirely of leather don’t allow for as much finger mobility, whereas the design of these gloves allows me to move my fingers easily. One of the things I really like about these gloves is the long sleeve that is wider than the glove, with a large opening and an elastic band at the end to tighten the glove. Many gloves have this option, but most are particularly difficult to pull over the sleeve of the coat and then tighten the gauntlet. With these, I had a very easy time doing that.

First of all, I have to say that my hands are particularly freezing when the temperature outside is around -20 degrees Celsius and below. At these temperatures, I often wear leather mittens or put mittens on the handles of my snowmobile. A small comment in that sense, I would have liked to have leather a little higher on the fingers and the top of the glove, that is to say that I freeze fingers not only on the tip of the phalanx, but rather between the two joints from the tip of my finger, especially on the top. I would have liked the thumb to have a leather part on the top of the finger as well. In general, I was very comfortable and warm all winter. However, in some very cold conditions where I didn’t put the mittens on my snowmobile, I would have liked a little more protection for the fingers. This was not so much a constraint, because I almost always carry a pair of heated undergloves with me.

All in all, I liked these gloves. For those looking for gloves that provide excellent handling, these are the perfect gloves for you. I would like to thank snowmobile.ca and CKX for allowing me to do this test.

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