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My favorite 2022 Polaris : Switchback Assault 850!

General behavior

Polaris offers, once again, one of the most versatile models on the market. Enough power, lightness, stability on the trail without losing too much in terms of handling. In addition to having an all-around good chassis, the Switchback Assault 850 model gives us even more bang for our buck. There are not many snowmobiles that can boast a 146-inch track and still offer a stable trail ride. Normally with a snowmobile of this type, the front end plunges and pushes in corners. On the other hand, even if it’s not a 100% off-trail snowmobile, with an optional 15 x 146 x 2.0 Crossover track, it gets you out of most unfortunate situations.

Crossover track 15 x 146 x 2.0

What beautiful displays!

Have you seen them? With all the technological additions in the last few years of visual displays in the automotive, road bike and adventure fields, Polaris is the closest company to what the snowmobile gauge of tomorrow should look like.

Incredible these displays. Congratulations Polaris!

7S screen from Polaris

Plan, track and share your ride with the revolutionary 7S display with Ride Command technology. The 7″ touchscreen display can be used with gloves and is designed for snowmobiles with on-board diagnostics, trail maps, points of interest and group ride technology to see your riding buddies with or without cell coverage.

Reality check with supporting example

During a photo shoot in a wooded section off-trail, we lost two riders who had wandered into an area of too deep snow. We were able to locate them with the help of the group ride technology. It’s great to be able to follow the group of snowmobilers you’re riding with and see the names of the riders scrolling on the map. Missing an intersection, stopping at a gas station, or getting stuck in the snow in an inconspicuous spot are no longer problems.

Example of a motorcycle gauge with visual parameters. The future step on your snowmobiles? Polaris, you’re almost there

Exclusive SmartWarmers from Polaris

Quickly warm up the vehicle and maintain the temperature of your choice no matter what the outside temperature is. Enhance your ride by adjusting the heat range with your thumb or hand for an even more personalized comfort level.

The Reality

Keeping your heated grips and thumbs at a steady temperature is a great idea. Never too hot, never too cold. Good for you.

Exclusive SmartWarmers

Complete customization.

You like to be different and customize your parameters according to your taste? Take a look at the Polaris configurator and you’ll be surprised at the multitude of options available to build your snowmobile. Whether it is the colors or the accessories now available in the catalog, everything is there. We are not talking about two options here, dark or light. I think it’s worth mentioning because of the complexity this must have on the production line!

2022 Switchback Assault red white black
2022 Switchback Assault Gold orange black
Configurator. Panel color option
Configurator. Component color option
Configurator. Choice of accessories, tunnel bag

We would like

  • Models with electronically adjustable suspension.
  • Even if Polaris offers two 2-stroke engines (ideal for a 50/50 and off-road) 650 and 850 that are really powerful in their category, it would be interesting to see them evolve towards an optional 4-stroke engine on a trail-oriented model.
  • As long as you have a dial with a location system, would it be possible to raise the bar even higher and indicate the position of the resurfacers on the map for greater safety? You’ve got a lead, now you just have to exploit it.

The advantages

  • The gauge with all these options is really fabulous.
  • The 850 2-stroke engine is one of my favorites.
  • Snowmobile that stands out on the trail as well as off-trail without too many compromises.
  • Very good ergonomics.
  • Incredible choice of colors. Customization at its best.
  • The choice of accessories is greatly improved.

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