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Delta V Commander – At Last, 509 Presents a Real Trail Helmet!

509 Delta V Carbon Commander

Finally! After two years of waiting, manufacturer 509 is finally presenting its Delta V helmet. I must say, I’ve been waiting for it ever since hearing a few rumours about its features. If it lives up to expectations, it will be an interesting alternative to the BRP Oxygen, CKX Mission and even the new BRP Advex helmets.

Previous Helmet Tests

Until now, 509 has been known for its MX-type helmets. Combined with 509 goggles, they are very popular with off-trail snowmobilers. Trail riders, on the other hand, had to fall back on the Delta R3 and R4. After trying the R4 a few years ago (read my review, in French only), I had to put it back in storage as it was definitely no match for the BRP Oxygen (read my review) or CKX Mission (read my review, in French only) helmets.

Available Models

For the 2024 season, 509 is offering the Delta V in two configurations:

  • Delta V Ignite: version with electric visor
  • Delta V Commander: version with electric visor and integrated Cardo communication system with JBL headphones.

Visit our online store!

509 Delta V Carbon Commander Helmet
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509 Delta V Commander Helmet
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509 Delta V Ignite Helmet
Purchase 509 Delta V Ignite helmet

Each of these configurations is also available with an optional carbon-fiber shell.

My Delta V Test Drive

As part of the test I’ll be carrying out this season, I’ll be wearing the Delta V Carbon Commander helmet in the Black Ops colour. As the snow is slow to show itself this winter, I’m going to present the helmet in an “unboxing” format for the time being.

Delta V Commander

Helmet Packaging

The helmet is packaged with great care. Opening the box, we find an envelope containing a few documents. When I lifted the inside lid, I was in for a surprise. The helmet comes with a carry bag. The bag is of good quality and allows you to carry wires or other small accessories with the helmet. Very practical!

The package also includes a set of cables for the electric visor. There’s even a plug-in wire so you can attach a plug to your snowmobile if need be. A USB cable is also included. This will be used to charge the communication system.

Helmet Features

The heated visor is easy to open. Its design is very reminiscent of the Oxygen helmet. The glass ends very low on the face, which should minimize the chance of air infiltrating the chin area when riding.

On each side of the helmet are the air inlets. These are quite large, to maximize air intake into the helmet’s ventilation system.

That being said, a feature of the Delta V is that air entering these openings will not enter the helmet. This helmet uses the venturi principle so that the air circulating in the two ducts draws out the humidity present in the helmet. I can’t wait to put this system to the test.

On the back of the helmet, some lights allow snowmobilers following you to see you clearly. These lights are adjustable.

Delta V Commander

Communication System

The buttons of the Cardo system are located on either side of the helmet. I’ll come back to how they work in a future article.

Under the helmet, at the rear, there’s a button that activates a pump… Yes! You read that right! The Commander version of the headset is equipped with a pump that adjusts the pressure of the headphone cushions to your ears.

Delta V Commander

By applying the right pressure, the sound of the communication system will be superior, while also eliminating surrounding noise. Of course, another button allows you to release the pressure so the earphones return to their original position. We recommend you do this before removing your headset.

The fastening system for the helmet straps is Fidlock. It’s a system I like, since it’s magnetic and allows you to quickly attach and detach the headphones.

Start of My Test

As you might guess, I’m really looking forward to putting this helmet to the test. Some of the features are unique and seem very interesting.

The only thing missing now is snow… Let’s hope it comes soon so I can hit the trails with the new 509 Delta V Carbon Commander helmet!

Have a great season!

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