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Unboxing BRP’s Advex Sport Radian Helmet and Vibe System

casque Advex Sport Radian et système Vibe de BRP

With snow conditions delaying my start to the season, I’ve decided to announce the testing of BRP’s new Advex Sport Radian helmet. The manufacturer has also made sure the Vibe communication system was included for this trial.

As the trails aren’t yet open, I’ve opted to do an unboxing of this helmet and present its main features.

Helmet Packaging

The Advex helmet and Vibe system are packaged with great care. The helmet is not available with the communication system pre-installed. You have to order both items separately and install the Vibe system yourself. I’ll describe this step in a subsequent article.

The advantage of the Vibe system is that it is fully integrated into the helmet. These two items have been designed to be combined and become one.

Package includes helmet, ELinQ cable and male-female extension lead.

General Features of the Advex Helmet

The helmet is fitted with a collar to prevent air infiltration.

Like the Oxygen helmet, the rear features a socket for the ELinQ cable and an illuminated positioning strip.

At the front, a stylized deflector (paddle) gives the helmet a sporty look. The visor is heated, of course. At the bottom of the helmet, facing the chin is the button for the opening mechanism.

The helmet also features a retractable colored visor. Like the Oxygen helmet, the compartment housing the visor is heated. As a result, the visor will always remain free of fog and frost. The visor can be deployed or retracted using a small lever on the left of the helmet.

Advex Sport Radian Helmet

The strap features an adjustable ratchet fastener. This system makes it easy to attach, adjust and detach the strap from the helmet.

On the lower part, on either side of the front of the helmet, are the features allowing you to open and close the ventilation ducts. They are easily accessible.

Vibe System

The Vibe system was designed in partnership with Sena. Headphones are by Harman/Kardon. The origins of this manufacturer of high-fidelity sound systems date back to the 1950s.

Advex Sport Radian Helmet

This system was designed to integrate perfectly with the Advex helmet.

When the Vibe system is removed from its packaging, all connectors are attached. The system consists of the battery pack, which will be integrated into the back of the helmet, a control module with an antenna, a second antenna, two earphones and a microphone.

Advex Sport Radian Helmet

As mentioned at the beginning of this text, a specific article on the step-by-step installation will be published shortly.

Testing the Helmet

At this time, like the vast majority of snowmobilers, I’m waiting for the snow to arrive in my neck of the woods, and for the trails to open.

When that happens, I’ll be able to start testing this helmet, which looks very promising. I’ll then be able to provide you with my comments and observations on the Advex Sport Radian helmet and BRP’s Vibe communication system.

Until then, I wish you a happy new year 2024!

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