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I fell back in love with the Pro RMK for 2024

Many years ago, I used to ride quite a few Pro RMKs for the magazine and I grew to really love them. I had the chance to try them on pretty much every platform released since I can legally drive a snowmobile. At some point, I was even identified as an “RMK guy.” This all changed when Polaris released the Khaos.

Man was this snowmobile wild! It really was filling out the gaps I thought the RMKs always had. It could wheelie for days and was overall way more playful. I guess I needed that change after riding RMKs for so long. Then, time passed, and a pandemic hit. Next thing you know, I started to think about the fact I haven’t really spent any seat time on an RMK in years. The nostalgia was getting to me. Thankfully, I was able to attend the 2024 ShowShoot where we got to try the all new RMKs equipped with the Series 9 3.25” track. I fell in love all over again.

What’s New for Polaris 2024

The biggest change for Polaris mountain snowmobiles is the release of their new Series 9 track. I’ll be honest, I’m having a pretty hard time comparing tracks. You really need to jump back and forth in the exact same snow conditions to be able to tell the difference. However, I did notice that the new 3.25” track actually changed the behaviour of the Pro RMK. It was most noticeable when I squeezed the gas to wheelie and the skis went straight up. Don’t get me wrong, it was doable before, but the new track improves the ability to go over the snow even more.

155 or 165?

We had the chance to try both the 155 and 165 Slash versions with the 9R engine. To be honest, they were both extremely fun and agile. Montana’s very deep and steep terrains made the 165 feel slightly more fun. During the SnowShoot, we even went downhill through the trees, something I don’t especially crave nor am I good at. However, the RMK was very reassuring with its surgical handling precision and insane floatability. It was so fun to carve with in more open zones.

Crazy to See What the 9R PRO RMK 165 Can Do
Crazy to See What the 9R PRO RMK 165 Can Do

With that being said, I had to remind myself that I am usually in terrains that suit 155 snowmobiles best. With that in mind, my favourite Polaris snowmobile for 2024 has to be the 9R Pro RMK Slash 155. The Matryx chassis has been around for a few years already but it makes for a really good replacement of the already excellent Axys platform. Also, it might be a controversial take, but I still really like the minimalist cockpit with the ProTaper handlebar.

For the same reason listed previously, if I had to pick a track, I’d probably go with the 2.75” track. In the ideal snow conditions, I can absolutely appreciate the new 3.25” Series 9 track, but the truth is that it’d be a bit overkill for the terrains I usually ride in. Let’s also not forget that the Series 8 2.75” is still an excellent choice as well.

The 9R PRO RMK Slash 155
The 9R PRO RMK Slash 155

The 9R Truly Is a Game Changer

During the SnowShoot, we unanimously agreed that the 9R engine was one of the best engines for mountain snowmobiles. It’s extremely capable, even at higher altitude. To me, this is a way more attractive package than its heavier Patriot Boost sibling. Many agreed with my statement.

Numerous colleagues of mine who are used to turbo snowmobiles and live in high altitudes confessed that even though they are fun, their added weight and power can be too much. In fact, they admitted to getting sore from riding them. They added that the 9R is a very compelling alternative to the Patriot Boost, even for advanced riders.


This concludes my recap of my favourite Polaris snowmobile for 2024. I’m very grateful I could spend some time on the 2024 RMKs during this year’s SnowShoot. I still think the vast majority of people should purchase a Khaos over a Pro. That being said, if you’re looking for a predictable and insanely precise snowmobile in the mountains, the Pro RMK won’t let you down. The 9R engine packs a lot of power and is very responsive. It’d definitely be my pick if I had to purchase one. The only thing left to decide is the track length and size.

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