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Snowmobiling – A Long-Awaited Start to the snowmobiling season

For the second consecutive year, the start of the snowmobiling season is eagerly anticipated. Indeed, the lack of snow is testing the patience of snowmobilers.

A Globalized Trend

As of writing this, Monts Valin is the only destination offering approximately 200 km of groomed trails. The conditions are average, and it’s understandable that, with heavy traffic, trail conditions deteriorate rapidly.

Apart from a few rare sections, the rest of the network is completely closed.

This lack of snow does not only affect Quebec. In fact, all of eastern North America is experiencing the same situation. We therefore cannot rely on neighboring provinces or states to start our snowmobile season. So we have no choice but to wait.

Unprecedented Situation in more than 20 years

It is, so to speak, unprecedented since a large part of the province has no snow on the ground as of December 29.

Neige au sol en date du 28 décembre 2023

Furthermore, long-term forecasts are not very encouraging. Most weather models do not suggest more than 10 cm or 15 cm for the next week. This will not be sufficient for clubs to prepare their trail bases and open them. Fortunately, when the time comes, we will be able to follow on the FCMQ interactive map (iMotoneige)

So, the situation is expected to last until the second half of January.

Modèle de prévision des chutes de neige pour les prochains jours

Slowdown in the Industry

Already, in recent months, there has been a noticeable slowdown in the snowmobiling industry. Spring orders last year experienced a decrease of between 30% and 40%.

Moreover, dealership showrooms were deserted by many enthusiasts. To stimulate sales, specials on the 2024 clothing lines appeared as early as late November. This is very unusual.

Unfortunately, the lack of snow only accentuates this slowdown. We need the snow to finally arrive so we can enjoy the start of the snowmobiling season

Snowmobile Tourist Season

For now, it is not time to sound the alarm regarding the winter tourist season. Indeed, year in and year out, snowmobiling tourists begin to arrive in Quebec only from the third week of January to take advantage of the best snow conditions.

So, we still have three weeks ahead of us for winter to finally arrive. Long-term weather forecasts are likely to change, and we may get an earlier arrival of some good snowfalls.

The Clubs Are Ready

The clubs are ready to welcome the snow. Volunteers are eagerly waiting for it to finalize trail preparation. Of course, marking and signage installation are completed for the majority of clubs.

Machinery maintenance is also done. Everything is on standby, waiting for Mother Nature to switch to winter mode.

In the Meantime

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