The Trakto Bike: An All-Terrain Discovery

Trakto Bike Electric

I recently attended the “Salon de la motoneige et du quad Québec.” What I love about these events is the unexpected. Every time, my mission is to find the invention or attraction of the year. Here’s my discovery this year: the Trakto Bike—a true gem!

It’s a compact vehicle with a compact track, capable of year-round travel (4 seasons), on any surface (land, snow, mud, ice), and without the need for transformation. You may replace the tire with a ski for better snow flotation. With this conversion, the Trakto Bike is much more convenient and less physically demanding to ride than a snow bike. It’s accessible to everyone and comes with a reverse gear.

It doesn’t fit the legal definition of a snowmobile, as it can roll on snowless surfaces without transforming it. The mechanics are easy and cost-effective, doable independently or by a local workshop. Maintenance for the electric version remains straightforward.

Characteristics of the Trakto Bike

Low-Speed Vehicle

The Trakto Bike can reach a maximum speed of 32 km/h, placing it outside the off-road motorcycle or ATV category. The low speed allows for an economical engine to generate sufficient torque to overcome various obstacles. This vehicle is equipped with a “utility” engine with a controlled start (similar to a lawn tractor engine). The controlled ignition engine is the optimal choice for a low-speed vehicle.

Trakto Bike

Lightweight Design:

The Trakto Bike is a compact, all-terrain utility sports vehicle designed for year-round use. Its primary goal is to navigate almost any terrain, featuring a low profile to pass under branches and allow the rider to set foot on the ground in all situations. Its lateral flexibility enables it to tackle slopes and provides a motorcycle-like riding experience.

The mass and traction are directed onto the track, which is sufficiently long at the rear to prevent tipping during ascents. The Trakto Bike can also tow lighter loads such as sleds, scrapers, or small trailers. This vehicle exerts minimal pressure on soft or wet ground, avoiding damage, unlike larger ATVs, distributing its load across the track.

Trakto Bike

General Vehicle Design:

The Trakto Bike features a track at the rear, a balloon tire at the front, a seat positioned above the front of the track, an engine located behind the seat, a CVT transmission, and a reverse gear under the seat. This configuration allows for maximum flotation and hauling capability.

With the vehicle’s weight placed on the track rather than skis, as seen in snowmobiles or snow bikes, traction is optimal from the start without the need for weight transfer. The driver’s weight is distributed between the tire and the track to provide some grip for steering.

The driver can easily shift its weight forward or backward to enhance either traction or steering. An adult driver represents between 55% and 100% of the vehicle’s weight, greatly facilitating control on rough terrains.

The comfortable seat allows for extended periods of use, designed with a wider sitting area and a narrower front to minimize leg spread. This ergonomic design ensures a driving position that reduces strain on the back.

Trakto Bike

Rear Suspension:

The Trakto Bike features an integrated rear suspension within the track. The rollers within the track may resemble the suspensions found in traditional snowmobiles, reminiscent of “buggy” suspensions, but with a unique configuration. These rollers do not uniformly support the track along its entire length; instead, they overlap from left to right. This design is crucial for maximizing traction.

The springs work individually, and it’s the cumulative resistance of these springs that bears the weight of the vehicle. Its weight is, therefore, not solely supported by one or two springs. The Trakto Bike’s suspension proves effective against small obstacles of five inches in height. Springs stretch individually as the track advances over the obstacle, making it barely noticeable for the seated driver.

The absence of shock absorbers for the springs on the track’s rollers might be a drawback for a high-speed vehicle. However, for a low-speed vehicle like the Trakto Bike, this provides flexibility and agility. It’s a simple and cost-effective suspension system that is easy to maintain or replace.

Trakto Bike

Front Suspension and Driving Option:

  • Full-length inverted hydraulic fork suspension.
  • Option to install a ski in place of the tire for better steering and flotation on snow.

An Option!!! Stabilizing Side Skis:

Some may find the floating side skis unusual. These stabilizers remain suspended in the air by elastic bands. When the terrain is rough or snowy, the driver can place their feet on the stabilizer skis. The weight of the legs is sufficient to control the vehicle.

This feature is especially useful when using a small trailer or sled in uneven terrain. These skis are also practical for tight turns and reverse maneuvering. The flexible plastic construction provides high abrasion resistance.

Easy Handling:

  • Snow bikes are challenging to maneuver, requiring a considerable amount of energy to maintain balance on the snow.
  • Usable throughout all four seasons.
  • Most of the weight is on the track, providing increased traction and flotation.

Electric Trakto Bike Available:

The electric version of the Trakto Bike retains the same obstacle-crossing capabilities, excellent flotation, and ease of driving without compromise. The optimized design has achieved a weight comparable to the gasoline versions.

  • Brushless motor, air-cooled
  • Continuous power: 4000 Watts
  • Maximum power: 7500 Watts
  • Peak power: 13,500 Watts
  • Lithium-Ion batteries built with “Molicel P42A 21700” cells
  • Integrated heating element in the battery for improved performance in cold weather. Heating elements can be activated and deactivated via Bluetooth.
  • Range extender (generator), ultra-silent four-stroke mini-engine, directly produces the right voltage for recharging. Charging can occur during driving or when the vehicle is stationary.
  • Remote starter for the Bluetooth generator.
  • For those who dislike the rear-mounted engine concept, it can be removed, ideal for trips to the cabin without electricity.
  • The speed is limited to 32 km/h as standard to comply with category standards.
  • Capability to tow small loads, manage slopes, and traverse deep snow.

Trakto Bike

Ultra-Versatile Vehicle:

  • Useful for maple syrup farms: during tapping tours and tubing repairs. More compact than a snowmobile or tracked ATV, unhindered by tubing height.

  • For trappers: able to navigate narrow trails with a small sled behind.
  • Trail maintenance

  • For ski resorts: transportation for employees, rescuers, and small equipment.
  • For hunting: reaching hard-to-access areas, even in semi-marshy zones.
  • For ice fishing or summer fishing: reaching the lake. Given its size and weight, it could even be transported in a good-sized boat (portaging).
  • For transporting tools for small tasks around a cabin and in the forest.
  • Most importantly, for recreational use, regardless of the season and temperature. Unlike large all-terrain vehicles, it doesn’t require vast spaces to enjoy, and you can explore anywhere.

Here’s one reason to visit the “Salon de la motoneige et du quad Québec”: you discover new products. Stop by the exhibitors’ booth, ask questions, and you might uncover the breadth and ideas of inventors. For me, the highlight of this year was the Trakto Bike. This vehicle will take you wherever you want to go. It’s always easy to maintain and cost-effective. What a fantastic project and an excellent outcome from an inventor who knew how to think outside the box!

Feel free to check their website for more information.

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