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The 22nd Season of SledMagazine.com Begins: Are You Ready?

As October arrives, the SledMagazine.com team is delighted to announce the reopening of its Newsroom. After a hiatus of over 5 months, SledMagazine.com resumes article publication for the 2023–2024 season.

Several significant events have made headlines during this period in the snowmobiling world.

Major events of the period included the following.

Major Industry News Announced During the Summer

The summer of 2023 was marked by unusual events. Wildfires dominated the news for much of the summer season. Furthermore, Yamaha surprised everyone by announcing its withdrawal from the snowmobile industry after the 2025 production year. (Read the article…)

These past three months have undoubtedly sparked numerous discussions among snowmobile enthusiasts about this news.

First Industry Event of the 2024 Season

If there’s one event renowned for kicking off a snowmobiling season, it’s the famous Hay Days!


Arctic Cat

This year, Arctic Cat took advantage of this annual industry gathering to announce its all-new 2-stroke engine: the 858!

This engine was specially designed for the Catalyst chassis and will be featured in Arctic Cat’s snowmobile lineup from 2025. An article about this will be coming soon on SledMagazine.com!

On the other hand, the new chassis makes its debut on select 2024 models powered by the 600 C-TEC2 engine. Our team had the opportunity to test the new Catalyst platform during the Snowshoot.

We’ve also published several articles following these tests:


On the other hand, as is the tradition every year, Ski-Doo took the opportunity to unveil the competition snowmobiles that will participate in various winter events.

Moreover, several riders were present to meet with visitors.

I couldn’t help but take a close look at the prominently displayed MX Z RS in the booth.

Of course, visitors also had the chance to admire numerous production models from the Ski-Doo snowmobile lineup for the year 2024.

Here are some articles we’ve written about the Ski-Doo 2024 lineup:


At Polaris, there was also a wide variety to explore. Most of the manufacturer’s 2024 lineup was on display here.

A highlight for attendees was the poster signing sessions with Polaris’ pro-riders.


Moreover, at the booth, I learned that the Polaris team had entered the S4 Indy Adventure into one of the most demanding competitions in existence: the Iron Dog.


In doing so, the Roseau manufacturer aimed to unequivocally demonstrate the versatility and reliability of the S4 engine in extreme conditions. Below, you can watch the video released by Polaris:


FCMQ Congress

Closer to home, the Annual Congress of the Federation of Snowmobile Clubs marks the official start of the snowmobiling season. Over a hundred clubs gathered to participate in various workshops and the Annual General Assembly.


Quebec’s Premier Snowmobilers’ Event

For thousands of snowmobilers, the start of the season is unquestionably the Grand Salon Quad Motoneige.

Passionate riders from across the province converge at the Centre des Foires de Québec.

SledMagazine.com SledMagazine.com

This year, the Salon will take place on November 3, 4 & 5.

On-site, you’ll discover the snowmobile manufacturers’ booths and key industry players. Organizers have announced that visitors will be impressed by the quantity and quality of exhibitors this year.

Additionally, the used snowmobile section will be back, allowing you to find your next ride!

Naturally, the SledMagazine.com team will be on hand to meet with you!

Coming Soon on SledMagazine.com

In the coming weeks, our team will be publishing numerous articles. To name a few: test reviews of 2023 and 2024 snowmobiles, articles about parts, accessories, clothing, and more.

We invite you to regularly check out your SledMagazine.com!

Wishing everyone a great season ahead!

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