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A Sneak Preview of the Ottawa Snowmobile and Power Sports Show 2023

Recently, through Mr. Steve Brand, the founder of Tekrider Tekvest, I learned about a brand-new event that naturally piqued my interest. It revolves around a topic I’m particularly passionate about: recreational vehicles.

Although the name of the event was very evocative of snowmobiling, it also promised a look at what goes on around it.

A Cordial Invitation to a Familiar World

While the event’s name strongly suggests a focus on snowmobiling, it also promises insights into related activities.

I must admit that the mere idea of exploring this world, so familiar to me but in a neighboring province, thrilled me to no end. To my delight, Mr. Brand graciously invited me to join his team at their booth.

It’s worth mentioning that I’ve recently become the Quebec ambassador for Tekrider Tekvest products. In my eyes, the protective vests Mr. Brand has been developing since 1996 are the pinnacle of the market. I believe nothing compares in terms of quality.

A Debut Edition

Ottawa Snowmobile and Power Sports Show 2023

The 2023 Ottawa Snowmobile and Power Sports Show marked its inaugural edition. This snowmobile-focused event took place on Sunday, October 1st, and promised attendees a wealth of information.

The event featured various booths, including:

  • Dealers selling clothing and accessories.
  • Displays showcasing performance parts manufacturers.
  • Trailers.
  • Towing products.
  • Skis.
  • Traction products, and much more!

In addition to the indoor exhibition space reserved for exhibitors, an outdoor exchange gathering was promised to facilitate great deals for everyone!

As a result, the stage was set for an event that was sure to delight enthusiasts. The information I had gathered beforehand hinted at an excellent opportunity to meet fellow snowmobilers. This occasion would be ideal for sharing information about snowmobile and ATV clubs and trails in Ontario and Quebec.

A Site Rich in History

Before my departure, I conducted some research on the venue hosting this event. I was surprised to learn that this vast site and its infrastructure have been home to a 160-year-old agricultural fair.

The Carp Fair is an annual agricultural fair held in the small town of Carp. It is a non-profit organization that promotes agriculture in the community. The fair offers a variety of events, including livestock competitions, domestic craft contests, and agricultural education. This year, it took place from September 21st to 24th. This background adds a unique charm to the location.

An Early Start

This show in the small town of Carp, near the national capital in Ontario, was over a 3-hour drive from my home. So, I hit the road at the break of dawn for what promised to be a fulfilling day for someone as passionate as I am. Along the way, I noticed the changing colors of autumn throughout my journey.

Arrived just in Time!

Fortunately, I arrived just before the opening of the doors to visitors. I quickly joined my companions, Steve and Bob, to be fully prepared to welcome the eagerly anticipated hundreds of enthusiasts. After the customary greetings, I was drawn to a truly remarkable vehicle.

The Sherp Stole the Show! 

Ottawa Snowmobile and Power Sports Show 2023


Right in the middle of the exhibition center was one of the off-road vehicles that generated the most interest. The Sherp, brought to Canada by the Argo company, did not go unnoticed by anyone, especially not me. It was a unique opportunity for me to sit in this behemoth that defies imagination.

I was surprised to discover that it’s no longer manufactured in Russia but rather in Poland. This all-terrain vehicle, somewhere between a car and a tank, is capable of traversing any terrain and weather conditions with ease.

The SHERP: An All-Terrain Vehicle Ready to Conquer All Elements 

As you may have gathered, the SHERP can take you almost anywhere: it can roll in the rain, mud, ice, and even on water! This is primarily thanks to its four 1.60-meter diameter all-terrain wheels that can inflate themselves. This not only allows them to float on water but also to overcome obstacles over 70 cm high.

Ottawa Snowmobile and Power Sports Show 2023

The tires also have the unique feature of having a special shape that makes them act like propeller blades, propelling the vehicle through deep waters. The SHERP’s design ensures that the vehicle can immediately expel any water that tries to infiltrate during aquatic expeditions.

Multiple Local Exhibitors

I must mention that this show was in its first year and was far from the scale of those presented in Toronto or Quebec. However, it should gain recognition and grow over time.

This year, apart from the Tekrider Tekvest team, which traveled several hours to attend, most exhibitors were local businesses. Furthermore, I had the chance to converse with the regional tourist office, and who knows, we might return next winter to explore the surrounding trails.

I would be remiss not to mention the presence of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), who provided information for safe snowmobiling practices.

Ottawa Snowmobile and Power Sports Show 2023

Moreover, it was possible to find snowmobile parts and collectibles at the outdoor “Swap meet.”

A Weather Twist

We were pleasantly surprised by the crowd when the doors opened at 10 a.m. However, come lunchtime, we noticed that the show floor was practically deserted. The unseasonably warm weather (25 degrees Celsius) in early October played a trick on the organizer. Perhaps a later date in the autumn would have generated more excitement. Nevertheless, the promoter mentioned that he is considering repeating the experience next year over two days.

Recap of My Visit to the Ottawa Snowmobile and Power Sports Show 2023

In conclusion, it was a great opportunity to meet fellow snowmobilers who had plenty to share about their favorite activity. The small town of Carp in Ontario turned out to be a delightful discovery for me, and it’s not out of the question that I may return soon!

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