CKX Contact Helmet: An Ideal Trail Partner

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I was surprised when I took the CKX Contact helmet out of the box. I thought to myself: it was simple and its colours, made of bright black and brown, will catch the attention of snowmobilers.

All winter activities require good clothing and equipment to enjoy your favourite sport with peace of mind.

These two essential elements for practising and enjoying the sport of snowmobiling, in my opinion, are a snowmobile suit that truly protects us from the cold and a comfortable and airtight helmet that provides good visibility.

Features of the CKX Contact Helmet

When you take a closer look at the CKX Contact helmet, you’ll notice that the designer has carefully considered what a snowmobiler looks for in a helmet.

The visor connection is positioned at the front of the helmet, allowing the indicator to be functional while riding. This small detail is a significant advantage! How many times, while riding, do we doubt whether our visor cord is properly connected?

A protective bib is placed around the perimeter, preventing air infiltration into the helmet.

The CKX Contact helmet weighs 1,510 g (+/- 50 g), which is just over 3 lbs. This makes it a lightweight helmet. It also features a dual electric visor. Its cushioned interior greatly enhances our comfort.

The CKX Contact helmet features the Proclip attachment system, which is easy to lock and remove. An air intake is positioned at the front of the helmet, allowing the rider to open and close it with ease. It is made from injection-moulded plastic that is impact-resistant. The helmet is certified and compliant, meeting or exceeding the FMVSS218 DOT standard.

Trail Test of the CKX Contact Helmet

My trial consisted of approximately 12 snowmobiling outings with temperatures ranging from 5 °C to -28 °C. From the outset, a single ride allowed me to observe that the CKX Contact helmet is very comfortable.

Regarding the Helmet’s Interior

When it comes to the padding with my balaclava, my head adjusted easily. What’s interesting about these pads is that they are removable and washable.

I noticed a significant reduction in engine noise. I ride a snowmobile with a four-stroke engine, and the noise was almost nonexistent.

At the end of my rides, even after 300 km of trails, I had some neck fatigue, but no pain. This is due to the lightweight design of the CKX Contact helmet. I also noticed that no air passes through, so there is no risk of frostbite when the air intake is closed. When it’s open, it provides good ventilation in mild weather. An interesting feature of the helmet is that the interior is designed to accommodate headphones for a communication system.

Inside, there’s a breath deflector attached to the visor. It doesn’t come into contact with the face. This is very well thought out by the designer! No more deflectors that cover half of the face and become annoying during long rides.

Electric Double Visor

This visor features a simplified Proclip mechanism that allows for tool-free removal. Inside, the retractable and removable sun visor provides UV protection, which is very convenient when there’s sunlight. However, it’s worth noting that this visor is not electric. Therefore, frost easily accumulates in cold weather.

ckx contact helmet

Regarding the visor, it provides a good field of vision both in front and on each side. When it’s connected, there is no frost inside. However, if it’s not connected in sub-zero temperatures, the visor becomes completely frosted.

The Bib Around the Helmet

The CKX Contact helmet comes with a bib that effectively seals off any air infiltrations that may occur around the neck. It attaches easily with Velcro and performs its role admirably. I didn’t feel any air entry, even at temperatures of -25 °C.

End of my Trial

The helmet is an essential piece of equipment for fully enjoying snowmobiling. There are many helmets on the market whose visors don’t frost between 0 °C and -10 °C. However, it’s during very cold weather that we truly appreciate the quality of a helmet.

When snowmobiling, it’s crucial to have a helmet that protects us from the cold and has a clear front visor. It’s sad to encounter snowmobilers who often have issues with their helmets. This can be a major source of discomfort and frustration, sometimes spoiling the ride.

The CKX Contact helmet sells for approximately $260. During my trials, I was greatly impressed by the quality of craftsmanship and components of the helmet. Typically, a helmet of this quality would sell for twice the price. For this reason, I wholeheartedly recommend the CKX Contact helmet without hesitation.

I would like to thank Kimpex for allowing me to test out this CKX Contact helmet.

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