Ski-Doo 2024 Renegade Adrenaline with Enduro Package: My Opinion!

renegade adrenaline with enduro package

The 2024 snowmobiling season will certainly not go down in history. However, it’s time for our seasonal reviews. For my part, I have the easy task of sharing my observations on the Ski-Doo 2024 Renegade Adrenaline with Enduro Package. When I say it’s an easy task, I mean it’s right up my alley to express myself on a subject I’m passionate about. Furthermore, with the support of a team like Groupe Contant, I have everything I need to be satisfied.

It fits into a specific category!

To be honest, I was already sold on this snowmobile from the get-go. It perfectly aligns with my desires when I delve into its extensive list of specifications. This categorization easily places it in the touring snowmobile category.

What an engine…

Nevertheless, I’d like to add a superlative to its category. I classify the 2024 Renegade Adrenaline Enduro in the “high-performance touring” category. Clearly, this higher degree is directly linked to the Rotax 850 E-TEC engine that propels it. Despite not being a novelty, this two-stroke engine is anything but dull. At the risk of repeating myself, I wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner.

The Rotax 850 E-TEC engine offers quite the range of power. When I desire a leisurely ride focused on enjoying the scenery, it allows me to cruise at a gentle pace. Conversely, when I’m in the mood to get my heart racing, it responds with vigour. Its accelerations are brisk and sometimes intense. Therefore, I don’t feel like it only shines at high RPM.


When I’m riding on a bumpy trail, I find the throttle response to be very strong. This difficulty in properly modulating the pressure with my thumb leads to quite annoying repercussions. That is to say, how much this snowmobile wants to roar, no matter the occasion.

Oh, what comfort!

The complete outfitting of the Ski-Doo 2024 Renegade Adrenaline with Enduro Package enhances long rides. Starting with its seat, with which I haven’t felt any discomfort. In fact, when this aspect doesn’t even cross our minds during the ride, that’s when we know it’s perfect.

Secondly, the standard 17-inch medium windshield is just right. It provides adequate protection without obstructing my vision.

The ergonomics and riding position are top-notch. I appreciate the marks on the handlebar as a reference. They allow me to adjust the handlebar angle according to my preferences while keeping its adjustment in mind. However, when I wanted to change its angle during a ride, I realized I had left my “Torx” tools at home. So, I had to endure thumb discomfort caused by too much downward angle on the throttle.

My favourite track: the ICE Ripper XT.

With the winter conditions we’ve been experiencing for a few years now, it’s not uncommon for Mother Nature to send us rain or freezing rain right in the middle of winter. This makes our trails less safe in some places due to icy surfaces. I firmly believe in the necessity of studs on our tracks. So much so, in fact, that I think I may be addicted to the sharp metal pieces that help my snowmobile stay glued to the track and improve its traction.

The ICE Ripper XT track offers a more forgiving control when I attack a curve. It also allows me to sweep the snowmobile around corners with a slight tap of the throttle. In summary, through simple control and modulation of my thumb, I can work the throttle to stay gripped and zip through turns in no time.

ICE Ripper XT track on the Renegade Adrenaline with Enduro package

The 10.25-Inch Touchscreen.

It’s the first time I’ve had the opportunity to use Ski-Doo’s new 10.25-inch touchscreen for an extended period. Right from the start, I had to take the time to familiarize myself with it to fully reap its benefits. The brief introductory video when I start up the snowmobile is worth watching.

Despite its simplicity, it still requires an adaptation period. I greatly appreciate the BRP Go! function, which allows me to have real-time trail maps.

However, my concern leans more towards the potential distraction this screen could pose. Instead of focusing on the trail, we’re trying to absorb information at the expense of paying full attention to what might be coming towards us. Nevertheless, I really like the clear information and the distance that separates me from the next intersection when the map is displayed.

The Dashboard and digital touchscreen on the Renegade Adrenaline with enduro package

A Pneumatic Suspension at Your Fingertips!

It’s worth noting that Ski-Doo was the first manufacturer to offer pneumatic suspension on a snowmobile in the late 1990s. This adjustment, ranging from 1 to 5, is very quick. All you need to do is use the 10.25-inch touchscreen. I immediately felt the rear suspension stiffening as I selected higher numbers. I haven’t tried the extreme settings. When riding solo, I prefer the second position. With a passenger, the third level was perfect for both of us.

Its aesthetics, love it or hate it…

For 2024, only one colour is available for the Ski-Doo Renegade Adrenaline with Enduro package. It’s black with some yellow accents here and there. It’s a rather understated look overall that suits the intended clientele perfectly. The only issue I encountered was the difficulty in producing quality photos. A black vehicle is a headache for photographers!

renegade adrenaline with enduro package

Two Things Bother Me!

During use, I noticed two issues that the designers were unable to address. Firstly, the opening of the four-litre storage box is significantly too small. I can’t even see what’s stored inside. Plus, I struggled immensely to plug my phone charger into the USB port due to its narrow access.

“[…] the opening of the four-litre storage box is significantly too small.”
Secondly, the oil tank is installed in a cramped location for refilling. I’m forced to use a funnel to make the task easier. A small suggestion to the designers: I would appreciate a body part that’s easily retractable for effortless refilling.

“[…] the oil tank is installed in a cramped location for refilling.”

And Finally

In conclusion, I will definitely miss my Ski-Doo 2024 Renegade Adrenaline with Enduro Package. Like any snowmobile, it’s not perfect in every aspect. However, it’s undoubtedly one of the models that suits me best. Its comprehensive equipment and the comfort it provides make it a preferred choice for adventurers like myself who desire to tackle hundreds of kilometres daily.

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