2024 Grand Touring LE: Comfort, Performance, and Technology

2024 grand touring le 2024

This winter, I had the opportunity to test Ski-Doo’s 2024 Grand Touring LE, courtesy of our partner Les Motoneiges Géro, a BRP dealer in Saint-Jean-de-Matha. I invite you to read my previous article on this snowmobile to learn about its features and my expectations. My final review will first focus on the heart of the snowmobile, the 900 ACE engine. Then, I will discuss the chassis-suspension-ski trio, the Silent Track II system, and the dashboard and controls. After that, I will talk about the standard equipment and optional features. Before I begin, you should know that the Grand Touring LE 2024 is a trail model designed for solo or duo touring. It is very comfortable, offers a lot of technology, and is enjoyable to ride.

The 900 ACE Engine in the 2024 Grand Touring LE

The 2024 Grand Touring LE is powered by the 900 ACE engine. It’s an engine that offers good acceleration while being very economical. For several years now, I’ve been riding a Ski-Doo snowmobile with a 900 ACE Turbo engine (130 HP), so I’m familiar with a fairly powerful engine. Initially, I was somewhat skeptical about the performance of an engine offering only 95 HP. To my surprise, I found it interesting. It’s responsive, smooth, emits a nice sound, and is very quiet.

This engine offers three driving modes: Standard, Eco, and Sport. Fuel consumption in Sport or Standard modes seems similar. One of my partners has a Ski-Doo sled with an identical engine. He was riding in Sport mode and I was in standard mode, and our fuel consumption was similar. The engine is slightly more responsive in sport mode. In standard mode, I have to apply a bit more pressure on the throttle to achieve similar performance. I also noticed that when starting the sled, the engine always defaults to Standard mode even if it was in Sport mode before. So, I always had to remember to switch back to sport mode.

I didn’t travel long distances in Eco mode, so I couldn’t see the difference in fuel consumption compared to other modes. I noticed that the accelerations were very linear. This driving mode doesn’t really offer performance but could be handy in certain circumstances if you’re worried about running out of fuel.

The transmission works very well and isn’t aggressive on the belt.

Chassis, Suspension, and Skis

2024 grand touring le 2024

The 2024 Grand Touring LE has transitioned to the REV Gen5 chassis. It provides excellent protection against wind and weather. This chassis is well balanced, has a sleek appearance, and perfectly complements the front and rear suspensions.

Front and Rear Suspension

At the front, we find the RAS X suspension. It has the feature of being able to adjust the ski stance. I set it to 43 inches, compared to the 42.4 in. found on most trail snowmobiles.

The RAS X front suspension and Pilot 5.7SL skis.

At the rear, the rMotion X suspension with air shock (ACS) allowed me to adjust my suspension according to the trail conditions. I could do this directly from the control panel in front of me.

The rMotion X suspension and the air shock.

I rode on trails heavily damaged by mild temperatures and the passage of numerous snowmobiles. The performance of the suspension and chassis impressed me. Despite being jostled around, I didn’t feel any harsh impacts. I could feel the suspension absorbing the bumps well, and I could maintain control of the snowmobile. Furthermore, the stiffer the air shock, the sportier the ride becomes, and the rear of the vehicle lifts, providing better ski traction as well.

The Pilot 5.7SL Skis

Now let’s talk about the skis of the 2024 Grand Touring LE. The Pilot 5.7SL skis require a period of adaptation, especially if, like me, you were accustomed to riding with Pilot TX skis before. Once I adapted to these new skis, I noticed a considerable reduction in swaying, almost to the point of it being non-existent.

The steering is light. It almost feels like power steering. The minimal effort required to turn makes our rides even more enjoyable. However, the snowmobile tends to oversteer, and you need to slow down significantly before initiating a turn. The skis slide on the snow as if they were worn-out runners. Knowing about this phenomenon, I adjusted my driving style and found it pleasant to have easy-to-control steering. On hardened snow trails, I noticed that the oversteering disappeared. The skis are well grounded, and there is very little swaying. Initially, my skis tended to lift in turns, but adjustments to my suspension resolved this issue.

The Silent Track II System

The traction on the 2024 Grand Touring LE comes from the Silent Track II system, measuring 137 × 15 × 1.25 in. This track system also impressed me. As I ride, I can hear the smooth engine and the wind hitting my helmet. I hardly hear any noise coming from the track, and vibrations are minimal.

The Silent Track II track 137 × 15 × 1.25.

This same track is also available with studs, and I highly recommend it. When riding on icy or hardened snow trails, the rear of the snowmobile tended to slide and became difficult to control. My companions, who were riding with an ICE Ripper XT track, didn’t have this issue.

These aren’t situations you encounter frequently, but with climate change, the trend could worsen. Additionally, considering it’s a family-oriented snowmobile, it should come equipped with the Silent Track II 137 × 15 × 1.25 with studs, like the ICE Ripper.


The 2024 Grand Touring LE is also equipped with a 7.2-inch digital display dashboard. It is easy to view and includes all relevant information without having to fiddle with controls. You can see the speed, RPM, fuel level, engine temperature, clock, distance travelled, and driving mode. The brightness of the dashboard adjusts according to the ambient lighting.

The digital display dashboard.


The 2024 Grand Touring LE is equipped with an electric starter and an electromechanical reverse. The starter button also serves to activate the reverse. In this regard, everything works well. The transition between the two modes is seamless without any latency.

That being said, one point for improvement would be to make the starter button more visible. Currently, it takes some time to locate it. BRP informed me that modifications will be made to the 2025 models to make the starter button easier to find. The other controls are well positioned.

Heated Grips and Thumb Controls

The controls for the heated grips and thumb are functional and easily accessible. Additionally, the passenger can access two sockets for heated accessories, while the driver has only one.

However, the adjustment of the heated grips and thumb for the driver is very disappointing. It’s not user-friendly. There is only one button to adjust the heated grips. Every time I press the button, the heat decreases by two settings. It’s impossible to go to the intermediate setting. Once it’s decreased completely, the cycle jumps to the maximum level, and I have to continue pressing to decrease it to the desired level, always in increments of two settings. To adjust the thumb heating, you have to navigate through the settings on the dashboard, which is time-consuming and complicated. Previously, there were separate buttons for the thumb and grips that you could adjust up or down. It was simple and effective.

The current switches on the 2024 models.

The good news is that BRP intends to modify this system for the 2025 models. We will have a button that will alternately control the heated grips and thumb, and another that will allow you to increase or decrease the intensity. BRP is already working on producing an update to make this system more user-friendly for the 2024 models.

Switches for the 2025 models.

The Double Heated Seat

The double seat is heated for both the driver and the passenger and works well. It is very comfortable. The passenger section is elevated, making the ride even more enjoyable. The seat remains plush even in cold temperatures. Also, the control is well positioned in front of us.

2024 grand touring LE in the snow

Other Standard Equipment for the 2024 Grand Touring LE

LinQ Attachment Points and Cargo Box

Two sets of LinQ attachment points come standard on the 2024 Grand Touring LE. These work very well. They can be used for the cargo box that accompanies the snowmobile. The cargo box requires two LinQ attachment sets to support it. It is well sized and keeps everything dry.

Adjustable Mirrors

The mirrors are adjustable. You can pivot them up or down, which is very convenient for installing a cover. Moreover, once in position, it seems impossible to change the viewing angle. However, I must admit that the preset angle offers excellent rear visibility. This allows me to focus on the trail.

The adjustable left-side mirror and rear visibility.

New LED Headlights

The new LED headlights standard on the 2024 Grand Touring LE seem to have addressed the lighting issue of previous models. Although I haven’t ridden at night, I still noticed that I am much more visible during the day when I’m in the snow spray. This leads me to believe that the nighttime lighting must be equally good. It’s worth noting that the headlights turn on in the normal position, even if you had turned them off in the high position.

Passenger Comfort

Finally, the 2024 Grand Touring LE comes with a backrest and heated grips for the passenger. The passenger can control the intensity of their grip heating independently. It’s worth noting that it’s easy to install and remove the backrest with the grips. You end up with a double-seated snowmobile that looks very much like a Renegade.

The LinQ cargo box and the backrest.

Let’s look at the options for the Grand Touring LE 2024.

This year, Les Motoneiges Géro installed ice scratchers on my tunnel. They were very useful for cooling the slides and the engine during the strange winter we had. The effect is almost instant.

Normally, the 2024 Grand Touring LE comes with an ultra-high windshield of 27.5 in. BRP provided me with an adjustable windshield from medium to high (19 to 23 inches). I prefer a windshield that I can adjust according to my preferences and weather conditions. It completely changes the appearance of the snowmobile. We had the perfect winter for this type of windshield. When it was hot or when I was riding in powder, I would lower it. This way, I felt less heat, and I didn’t feel snow hitting my back.

Regarding wind protection, I see a noticeable difference between the minimum and maximum positions. The airflow to the back or helmet is minimal in the high position and non-existent in the medium position. As for visibility, the windshield doesn’t obstruct our vision regardless of the chosen height.


The 2024 Grand Touring LE is a pleasure to ride. It is very comfortable, fuel-efficient, and offers good acceleration. For those who mainly ride solo, occasionally with a passenger, this snowmobile will meet your needs. As mentioned earlier, it’s very easy to remove and install the backrest with the grips. This means you have a snowmobile designed for duo touring. You won’t experience any loss of manoeuvrability, it will remain comfortable, and the passenger will be secured by the grips and backrest.

In conclusion, I would like to thank Les Motoneiges Géro for lending me the Ski-Doo 2024 Grand Touring LE for the season. I also invite you to visit Géro’s team in-store to see the latest Ski-Doo and Can-Am Off-Road innovations.

2024 grand touring le in front of les motoneiges géro

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