Update (March 12, 2024) — Important note for owners of Polaris snowmobiles 2015 to 2024

Note importante pour les propriétaires de motoneiges Polaris 2015 à 2024

As you may be aware, last month Polaris issued a voluntary recall on certain of its snowmobiles. The objective is to address an issue related to electrostatic discharges (ESD) in the fuel tanks. To enable its customers to continue riding safely while the company works on a permanent solution, it has advised drivers to use E10 fuel (10% ethanol) with an octane level of 91 or higher.

The manufacturer understands that not everyone has convenient access to this type of fuel. The team continues to test additional options that will allow customers to continue riding safely with their snowmobiles while Polaris works on a permanent solution.

New Recommendations

After additional testing and validation, Polaris announces that the fuel type is updated to be E10 with an octane level of 87 or higher for some of the affected snowmobiles. This update only applies to snowmobiles equipped with a 600cc engine (except INDY Cross Country), 800, 650 Patriot, and 850 Patriot.

Important: Last month’s recommendations remain the same for engines Patriot Boost or Patriot 9R engine, and 600 INDY Cross Country.

Fuel with 87 octane or higher with E10 is available at many gas stations in the United States and Canada. It is commonly displayed on gas station pumps as 87, 89, 91, or 93 octane. Additionally, it is important to remind drivers not to use 88 octane fuel with 15% ethanol.

Polaris emphasizes that drivers with an affected snowmobile equipped with a Patriot 9R or Patriot Boost, as well as the 600 INDY Cross Country models, should still use fuel with 91 octane or higher with 10% ethanol.

Please note that this is NOT a new recall. It is simply an update to demonstrate our continued commitment to providing options for drivers to ride safely while we work on a permanent repair.

You are invited to read the text of the voluntary recall issued last month by clicking on the link below:

Important Notice to Owners of 2015 to 2024 Polaris Snowmobiles

For more information about the recall and the proposed solution, snowmobilers can consult the official Polaris website: www.polaris.com/snowmobilecustomersafety.

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