BRP Oxygen SE 2024 Helmet: Seasonal Review

During the winter, I tested the BRP Oxygen SE 2024 helmet. In a previous article, I informed you about the main features of this helmet and my expectations regarding it. Here are my comments following this trial.

The front and rear curtain are longer than what is normally found on other helmets, and this makes a significant difference. It really protected me well against air infiltration. I felt very comfortable. My neck mobility was not affected. I could easily move my head in all directions. The Oxygen SE 2024 helmet is also lightweight enough not to feel tired in the neck.

The visor closes very well. It is waterproof. Peripheral vision is excellent. I could see my dial very well, my mirrors, and everything in front of me as if I had nothing in front of my face.

The visor of the Oxygen SE 2024 helmet is heated. I could control the intensity using a well-positioned knob on the wire. At the maximum setting, I could feel the heat on my face, even in very cold weather. I encountered freezing rain, and by increasing the heating intensity, I could easily remove the accumulated ice.

I like riding with the visor slightly open. There was no fogging except on very rare occasions. The heated visor quickly dealt with the situation when needed. When closed, I could ride for a while before fogging occurred. This would disappear when I turned on the heated visor.

The wire that powers the visor is of good length. It attaches easily to the back of the helmet. Its end has a magnet and positions itself correctly on the back of the helmet to establish good contact. Once connected, a red light at the back illuminates, making us more visible.

oxygen se 2024 helmet

There is a second visor inside. It is tinted and easy to handle. Its yellow tint is useful when lacking contrast due to external lighting. I appreciated this visor a lot when riding in milder temperatures. I would lift my main visor and lower the secondary visor to cool down.

The Oxygen SE 2024 helmet does not have a mask. This is another feature that enhances visibility and prevents feeling stifled.

This helmet is the best I have worn so far. It has indeed met my expectations. I felt privileged to have tested the Oxygen SE 2024 helmet. I would like to thank BRP for trusting me to test this helmet.

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