Electric Snowmobiles Arrive at 15 Ski Resorts Thanks to the Alliance Between Taïga And Alterra Mountain Company.

motoneiges électriques Taïga devant une montagne de ski Alterra

A groundbreaking collaboration is born between Taïga Motors and Alterra Mountain Company. Taïga will provide electric snowmobiles to support Alterra’s efforts in reducing carbon footprint and transitioning to electric at its ski resorts in North America.

Taïga Nomad sur la neige

Alterra Mountain Company commits to an ecological transition.

Change is coming, and with it comes a shift towards sustainable practices at the heart of winter tourism. Darcie Renn, Vice President of Sustainability at Alterra Mountain Company, asserts, “The effects of climate change threaten the way of life we love in the mountains. That’s why we’re committed to protecting the mountains for generations to come. Transitioning to Taïga electric snowmobiles is an excellent choice to expand our fleet of electric vehicles in the mountains and reduce our carbon emissions.”

Taïga Nomad

The Nomad Performance snowmobile goes beyond mere transportation; it symbolizes the desire to reduce carbon emissions while improving mountain operations. Sam Bruneau, CEO of Taïga, states that their support for Alterra in reducing carbon emissions continues after testing 15 snowmobiles in iconic mountain destinations. This partnership between Taïga and Alterra marks a significant step in the movement towards sustainable mountain operations. Éric Gadoua, Director of Mountain Operations at Tremblant, confirms customer and operational team satisfaction with the silent and odorless operation, as well as the performance and reliability of the Nomad snowmobiles.

The Nomad Snowmobile: A Silent and Environmentally Friendly Revolution

The Nomad, the world’s first fully electric production snowmobile, redefines the standards for sport-utility snowmobiles. Its silent operation and emissions-free nature make it an ideal solution for environmentally conscious mountain operators and ski resorts. Equipped with a maintenance-free, fuel-free, and oil-free powertrain, this snowmobile offers exceptional long-term profitability. With a maximum range of 100 km and an impressive towing capacity of 511 kg (1,125 lb), the Nomad stands out as the essential tool for winter tasks.

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