The TAÏGA Electric Snowmobile: Are You in the Know?


Does the name TAÏGA ring a bell? While visiting the Motos Thibault dealership in Sherbrooke, I spotted a beautiful TAÏGA Nomad electric snowmobile in their showroom. I immediately wanted to learn more about this sled. In conversation with them, I learned that they are the supplier for the entire southern Quebec region.

‘Supplier’: What Does That Mean?

It means that they can inform and advise you about the product, and you can view and choose the model that suits you and discuss options. Once your decision is made, you will be invited to sit down with the sales representative and together fill out your purchase request on the TAÏGA website. This procedure, known in the automotive world, is now being used for recreational vehicles.

front view of a taïga electric snowmobile

Let’s Talk About the Various Models Available


The Atlas electric snowmobile is a hybrid model. This means that it’s designed for both trail and off-trail riding. The engine in this vehicle has a power of 90 kW, roughly equivalent to up to 120 HP, with a range of up to 100 km.


The Ekko model is an electric snowmobile specifically made for off-trail riding. Its narrow chassis and long track allow the driver to float on deep snow and maintain perfect control. Its engine and range are the same as the Atlas.


The Nomad is a utility snowmobile designed for work and trail riding. It’s a two-seater sled capable of towing a load of up to 1,125 lb (511 kg). It also has a luggage rack that can be very useful for transporting various items. The Nomad is also the most equipped electric snowmobile in the fleet. TAÏGA offers two engines for this model, one with 67 kW (up to 90 HP), and the other with 90 kW (up to 120 HP). Both engines provide the same estimated autonomy of 100 km.

rear trunk of a taïga electric snowmobile front trunk of a taïga electric snowmobile

Suspension and Handling

I’ve been told that the suspension of TAÏGA snowmobiles is of very high quality and that the handling is impeccable. While this seems to be the case, unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to test it myself yet. Therefore, I can’t provide further details at the moment. Rest assured that as soon as I have the chance to try it out, I’ll share my impressions with you.


The display screen is very sleek and equipped with all the latest technologies (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.). TAÏGA’s mobile app allows for wireless updates to keep your electric snowmobile operating at its peak performance.


The charging time is divided into three levels:

  1. First level: Charging time of approximately 14 hours (residential)
  2. Second level: Charging time of approximately 3.5 hours (residential and commercial)
  3. Third level: Fast charging time of approximately 40 minutes (requires the fast charging option on the sled)

You can also share a universal level 2 charge with another electric vehicle, such as a car or a truck.


TAÏGA offers a snowmobile in a class of its own. The manufacturer’s slogan is: “TOMORROW WILL BE ELECTRIC” – no emissions, no odor, just tranquility. There’s much less maintenance required, as there are no engine, belts, or spark plugs. Plus, you don’t need extensive mechanical knowledge.

For now, TAÏGA needs to address two major issues: battery autonomy and the charging network. The latter is gradually expanding along the 33,000 km of trails in Quebec. Currently, 5,000 km are already accessible (see on Plugshare). Regarding the battery, technology is evolving rapidly, so I believe its autonomy will increase quickly.

I’d like to thank Motos Thibault of Sherbrooke. For more information on TAÏGA products (they also offer a marine motorcycle), go meet their advisor. They’ll be happy to answer all your questions. See you soon!

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