Absolute 0: My Verdict on this Absolutely Indispensable Set

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Following my previous article on the features of the Absolute 0 set (coat, bibs, gloves, mittens) that BRP provided me for the winter of 2024, you will find below my final impressions. I am a snowmobiler who enjoys long rides, regardless of the temperature and conditions. So, I was looking for a set that would meet these criteria. And I found it with the Absolute 0 set.

The Absolute 0 Jacket

The Absolute 0 jacket is designed to allow us to ride, or engage in other activities, regardless of the temperature. With the strange winter we’re experiencing this year, I’ve been out in conditions that were either very cold or above freezing. Whether it was raining or in slushy snow, my jacket has never let me down. The materials used and the adjustment options have made my rides very enjoyable. The outer material remains very flexible, even in cold temperatures. I didn’t feel any air infiltration at the zipper or around the neck, which is often our Achilles’ heel. I always stayed dry and warm.

The front pockets are very roomy. When the temperature near the freezing point, the jacket’s front pockets are insulated enough to keep my cell phone battery charged. However, during extreme cold, I had to keep it inside my jacket.

The Absolute 0 Bibs

The Absolute 0 bibs meet the same standards as the jacket. They kept me warm and dry even on a wet seat. The double-ended zipper at the front is very convenient. I used to store my cell phone in the bib pocket when it was very cold. It was very practical because it stayed warm and didn’t discharge quickly. The gaiter at the bottom of the pants fits well over the boots. They don’t allow snow to infiltrate. It is also very easy to adjust the bibs. Just like the jacket, the material remains very flexible at low temperatures.

The Absolute 0 Gloves and Mittens

The Absolute 0 gloves and mittens are very comfortable. Their interior is very soft, both for the gloves and the mittens. Both also provide good protection against the elements.

Regarding the gloves, they are among the warmest of all those I have tried so far. In extreme cold, I still ended up with cold hands, but much less quickly than with other gloves. No matter what activity I was doing, my hands stayed less damp compared to other gloves. With the mittens, cold temperatures didn’t affect me. My hands remained warm and dry.


The Absolute 0 jacket and bib set is the warmest and most versatile I’ve tried. I can easily adapt it to the various whims of the weather. It’s not necessary to have multiple sets. I loved my rollercoaster winter with this set. As for the gloves, they are really warm, but they can’t compete with mittens, especially the Absolute 0 ones, which are fantastic. Finally, I would like to thank BRP for allowing me to experience this range of high-quality products.

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