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BRP’s Oxygen SE 2024 Helmet: First Impressions

Casque Oxygen SE 2024 Helmet

A good helmet is a priority for me and must meet my expectations. I am looking for a helmet that provides excellent visibility, does not fog up, is comfortable, offers good protection against air infiltrations, is lightweight, and doesn’t make me feel suffocated. Our partner, BRP, has provided me with the Oxygen SE 2024 helmet for this season.

At First Glance

The Oxygen SE 2024 helmet has several qualities and features that I am looking for. First of all, it seems lightweight enough to avoid feeling any heaviness around the neck.

Next, the integrated neck curtains are longer than those typically found on a helmet. They should provide ample protection against air infiltrations. We know that in freezing weather, even the slightest air infiltration can affect us and make our rides less enjoyable.

The visor of the Oxygen SE 2024 helmet

The visor shuts properly and offers a wide field of vision both on the sides and downwards. There is also another inner visor that is tinted and easy to use.

Casque Oxygen Se 2024 Helmet

The visor is heated, and its intensity can be controlled using a well-positioned lever on the wire. Speaking of the wire, it connects to the back of the helmet with a magnet, making it very easy to handle.

Details that make a difference

The Oxygen SE 2024 helmet also features a ventilation system. This function should help prevent our glasses, or visor, from fogging up during rides.

Furthermore, I noticed that it does not have a mask. This is an advantage for me since I do not like feeling suffocated in my helmet. Also, masks tend to, in my opinion, limit my field of vision.

Finally, I particularly appreciate the red light at the back of the helmet that lights up when it is plugged in. This should make us more visible on the trails. More safety is always good!


This helmet is very interesting to me. I look forward to testing it and seeing if it meets my expectations. That said, I am already very optimistic about it. I will provide a full review during the winter of 2024 after testing it on the trails. I would like to conclude by thanking BRP for trusting me with this helmet.

Casque oxygen se 2024 helmet

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