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BRP is renowned for its diverse range of snowmobile clothing tailored to various riding styles. Whether for mountain, hybrid, performance, touring, recreational, or utility snowmobiling, they got you covered. As an avid snowmobiler who enjoys long rides in any weather conditions, BRP provided me with the Absolute 0 2024 snowmobile gear kit to test this winter.

In this article, I will share my initial impressions of the Absolute 0 coat, bib, gloves, and mittens. A comprehensive analysis will follow once I had the chance to actually test them throughout the winter.

The Absolute 0 Coat

Manteau BRP Absolut 0 Coat

The coat, in a stylish blue and denim colour combination, is designed for versatile use in various temperatures. It features high-quality materials and multiple adjustment options.


First, there is the removable collar. Leave it on to prevent air entry, or remove it to allow for increased ventilation. Next is the removable inner lining for extreme cold protection. And finally, underarm vents for adjusting coat ventilation.

Absolute 0 clothing


The Absolute 0 coat promises excellent insulation. Start with the dual flaps on the front zipper, protecting us from wind, rain, and snow. Then, the Sympatex membrane for waterproof and windproof properties, while remaining breathable. This technology protects us while expelling any humidity, which is our greatest enemy during colder days. And then, the PrimaLoft Gold insulation for great warmth without being heavy.

Absolute 0 clothing

Other Practical Features

The interior of the coat includes attachments for convenient wiring, useful for heated visors. Additionally, it boasts multiple pockets for storage, including two deep ones at the bottom, one at chest level, and an interior pocket for a cellphone. The coat also comes with a detachable hood.

The Absolute 0 Bib

Matching the coat, the bib cater to the needs of trail snowmobilers, featuring the same PrimaLoft Gold insulation. The Sympatex membrane here will be quite useful for wet seat protection. We all know how uncomfortable it is to ride with wet pants. Additionally, fleece lining on the seat and crotch enhances comfort.

The pants have a full-length zipper protected by two flaps, with a front zipper that is dual-directional for added convenience. Both the waist and suspenders are adjustable, for maximum comfort.

The pants also offer several pockets, namely one on each side of the waist and one near the chest. Gaiters at the bottom of the pant keep snow out and feet dry.

The Absolute 0 Gloves and Mittens


The Absolute 0 brand is known for ultimate warmth. Their gloves are no exception. They are made using various insulation materials depending on the part of the hand that needs protection.

The back of the hand is most vulnerable to cold temperatures. A combination of goose down and PrimaLoft Gold insulation are used for maximum protection against cold. As for the palm, the PrimaLoft Grip Control offers warmth and a better grip on the handlebar. The gloves are also breathable, waterproof, and feature a soft and trustworthy interior.

gants BRP Absolut 0 gloves


The Absolute 0 mittens employ three types of insulation—ethical goose down, PrimaLoft, and a moisture-wicking, antimicrobial wool blend lining. They also include a waterproof, wind-resistant, and breathable interlining. The interior is soft and comfortable.

For those who have bought Absolute 0 mittens in the past, you might remember how the inside was shaped like a glove. This isn’t the case anymore.


In conclusion, the Absolute 0 set appears well-designed and reliable. BRP has considered the needs of snowmobilers in varied conditions, and the kit can be used for various winter activities.

I am eager to test it as soon as weather permits and will provide detailed feedback throughout the winter. I want to express my gratitude to BRP for allowing me to test their elite Absolute 0 lineup.

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