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Trail LinQ Passenger Seat and Backrest: Customize your Sled for More Enjoyable Rides!

siège passager LinQ sentier trail linq passenger seat

When purchasing a snowmobile, it’s essential to consider how often a passenger will accompany you. The answer to this question will be directly related to the choice of the selected vehicle. Therefore, the prospect of adding a Trail LinQ Passenger Seat to your Ski-Doo snowmobile is a sensible choice!

Not all enthusiasts want a Ski-Doo Grand Touring with all its gadgets and embellishments. It is possible to transform a more sport-oriented snowmobile, originally designed for a solo rider, into a snowmobile with a passenger. This is one of the many advantages offered by our manufacturer from Valcourt.

Trail LinQ Passenger Seat for Ski-Doo

We can describe the Trail LinQ Passenger Seat as a modular seat because its versatility allows the conversion of a single-seat snowmobile into a two-seater. It serves as a cost-effective option for anyone who wishes to own something that can please their loved ones. Along the same lines, it could enable you to introduce this activity to a close friend or family member.

Consult the manufacturer’s online store.

the trail linq passenger seat being installed on a snowmobile

Support is Necessary

I must mention that it is essential to have the 1+1 LinQ Seat Support (view here) to attach this passenger seat. Made of lightweight die-cast aluminum, it installs very easily and is secured by four bolts to your snowmobile. With a stylish appearance, it goes practically unnoticed when the passenger seat is not installed.

Additionally, this support offers a significant feature. It has the Ski-Doo LinQ system, allowing you to attach a variety of accessories such as fuel cans, cargo boxes, storage bags, etc. It adds more convenience to your Ski-Doo sled.

1+1 LinQ Seat Support

Quick and Easy Setup of the Trail LinQ Passenger Seat

Setting up the passenger seat is done at the drop of a hat. Simply insert it forward using the two hooks. Then, by lowering the rear, the seat takes its rightful place. Finally, a slight push backward while closing the locks ensures a secure attachment. In the end, the rubberized safety tabs serve to secure everything in place.

Easy to use security locks

Passenger Backrest

You may have noticed that this Trail LinQ Passenger Seat comes with a short backrest. It is possible to add a higher backrest to it (view here). This addition undoubtedly provides more comfort and necessary support for long rides. It is unquestionably the necessary addition that my co-pilot needs to follow me everywhere in my adventures. Its height is perfect, and it has a curved shape that nicely contours the back.

the high backrest for the trail linq passenger seat

My Overall Impression

Undoubtedly, these accessories are of exceptional and impeccable quality. They are worthy of the Ski-Doo brand. They fit perfectly with my Renegade Adrenaline with the Enduro 850 E-TEC 2024 package and the REV Gen5 chassis. One could think that my sled comes standard with this equipment, given how perfect the arrangement is.

These additions don’t compromise the sporty style of my Renegade. On the contrary, they give it a streamlined appearance and do not alter its character. The overall construction is top-notch, and it’s designed to last a long time.

stabilizing handles for the passenger

The finish of the seat and its comfort meet my expectations, allowing my co-pilot to comfortably cover over 300 km daily. Moreover, this equipment can be transferred to another Ski-Doo snowmobile if you so desire.

In conclusion, the Ski-Doo Trail LinQ Passenger Seat turns out to be the customization I wanted. It adds exactly what I was looking for in a solo touring snowmobile: the ability to tailor it to my preferences!

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