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RMK Khaos Slash : A Beast to Tame

rmk khaos slash

For several years, I have been fortunate enough to witness the evolution of the RMK (Rocky Mountain King) on almost all of its platforms. Over the course of my acquisitions, I have experienced the Gen II, IQ, Pro-Ride, Axys, and Matryx chassis. Now, with the Patriot 9R RMK Khaos Slash 146, I have entered the realm of the greats. For the upcoming season, I will have the opportunity to test ride this snowmobile. Now, I am facing different mechanics and driving techniques. Just at first glance, the machine impresses me and reaffirms its title of “RMK.” Here are some features that I discovered during my initial trials.

The Patriot 9R Race Engine

The Patriot 9R engine comes directly from the world of racing and is transferred to standard snowmobiles. It’s the engine that Keith Curtis uses in his snowmobiles for races in the 900 cc class. This engine is an 899 cc without turbo, thus without air aspiration assistance. The base is that of a Patriot 850. It features a lighter crankshaft and flywheel, offering a 10% reduction in weight compared to the Patriot 850.

For the top end of this machine, Polaris has innovated with a “Big Bore” version for the Patriot 9R. What does Polaris mean by “Big Bore”? Larger cylinder and piston. The pistons are coated with ceramic powder for better heat transfer. The air intakes and exhaust outlets have been machined by CNC for improved precision and more power. All these small modifications give you approximately 180 HP for the Patriot 9R compared to 168 HP for the Patriot 850. Thus, a lighter and more powerful engine gives you better acceleration response and better handling. In off-road driving, I control the snowmobile with track traction most of the time. A lighter machine is more docile and therefore more easily controlled.

The Patriot 9R engine makes all the difference with its responsive throttle, power, and lightness. I had the chance to experience this power at the first start of my RMK Khaos Slash. Just a simple push of the throttle and the thrills appeared.

patriot 9R engine
Patriot 9R engine

The Walker Evans Suspension

The RMK Khaos Slash is equipped with Walker Evans Velocity shocks that can be adjusted according to your needs or the type of terrain. With just one click, you’ll have total control over the softness or stiffness of the shocks. The Velocity is designed to absorb the shock and soften the blow at the end of its stroke during an impact. This way, you’ll feel as if you’re floating on the snow. This shock works equally well at high speeds, descending steep mountains, or quietly navigating through the woods.

Walker Evans Velocity Shock
Walker Evans Velocity Shock

The 15 x 146 x 2.6 Track

My RMK Khaos Slash is propelled by a 146-inch-long track with 2.6-inch lugs. I was caught off guard by the traction combined with the power of the Patriot 9R engine. The result? Strap on your helmet and hold on tight because it takes off! A length of 146 inches may seem short to you… I had the same reaction at first. Yet, right in the middle of the woods, when you need to maneuver on a tight radius, this is the size you need.

RMK Khaos Slash track


The RMK Khaos Slash is equipped with a P-22 primary clutch and a Team Lwt secondary clutch. On one hand, the P-22 is lighter and responds more quickly. On the other, the Team Lwt secondary clutch no longer has adjustment screws for belt height.

RMK Khaos Slash clutch

Driver Position with the Matryx Platform

The Matryx platform, on which the RMK Khaos Slash is mounted, has been specially designed for riders in deep snow. The seat, fuel tank, console, and footboards are narrower. This allows the rider to move around them with great fluidity. Whether sitting or standing, this snowmobile offers a sensation of gliding most naturally on the snow. Although this platform is slightly heavier than the Axys, it provides better balance and a lower centre of gravity. This gives it a feeling of increased lightness when maneuvering on the snow.

Even with a shortage of snow during the trial, I quickly appreciated this new platform. Effortlessly, it’s easy to perform counter-steering. What ease in handling this machine!


Although I’ve only had preliminary outings with the RMK Khaos Slash, I truly believe I have the machine that will make me smile all winter long. I really appreciate its rebellious side, hence its name “Khaos.” From the power at takeoff, I’ve played with its weight for directional maneuvers and a “hop-over.” I’m still learning the new Matryx platform, but I believe I’ll be able to tame it quite quickly. The Polaris universe fascinates me, and their constant evolution will continue to impress you for decades to come.

Have a great season, and thanks to Polaris for letting me test this snowmobile.

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