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2023 Polaris ProStar S4 Indy Adventure X2 137

The Indy Adventure X2 felt like the perfect snowmobile for spending the whole day cruising the groomers and exploring new trail systems. It’s comfortable, easy to ride, and packed with some cool features.


The Indy Adventure X2 is powered by the ProStar S4 engine, brand new for 2023. The new ProStar S4 is a 1000cc, four-stroke, naturally aspirated engine, that borrows proven parts from the Polaris off-road vehicle division. The engine felt smooth and refined, producing little to no vibration at the handlebars. It was quiet during mild acceleration and cruising-speed throttle positions, open up the throttle more and the exhaust note reminds you there’s a larger displacement four-stroke under the hood. I found the acceleration to be very linear and easy to manage.

The drive-by-wire throttle system allows for different throttle mapping depending on the desired characteristics. Standard-mode felt well suited to the majority of conditions, however if you desired something a bit punchier, sport-mode did the trick. Eco-mode also has its place if you want to put a less experienced rider at the helm, or you simply want to make the throttle more forgiving through whoops and slow speed maneuvering. Polaris did an impressive job positioning this engine very low in the Matryx chassis. Set so low in the bulkhead in fact that I immediately had concerns about maintenance accessibility. Polaris engineers assured me they provided the necessary access.


The Indy Adventure X2 handled the trails well. With adjustable Fox Qs3 suspension in the front and Polaris TS in the rear, the snowmobile soaked up the bumps without issue. The most polarizing attribute of this sled was the dual-carbide skis. Loved by individuals, such as myself, that viewed the sled as a fun lighthearted trail-cruiser. Hated by more aggressive riders for the way they can understeer in the corners. The dual-carbides allow the snowmobile to pick its own line and not get thrown around by grooves in the trail; creating a more comfortable ride, especially for passengers. But the downside is that they aren’t the fastest way around the corner.

Passenger comfort and riding position was excellent, easily accommodating two grown adults. It was also nice to see passenger controlled hand warmers and a headset port. The Indy Adventure X2 was the only two-up sled we tested with a tool-less seat connection. The seat was removable in seconds using the Polaris Lock & Ride connections. This allows you to quickly swap between the seat and a variety of different storage options depending on what the day brings. We did note however that the passenger foot plates require a tool to remove. Not a big complaint considering most other two-ups have the foot plates permanently riveted on.


7s display

The Indy Adventure X2 comes standard with the Polaris 7s display. I could easily write an entire article on the display alone. But suffice to say the 7s is packed with features. My favorite of which is the transmitter/receiver antenna that constantly communicates your GPS position with other members of your group, then populates their locations on your screen. You can also send short text messages within your group via that same antenna. A really cool feature if much of your ride has poor cell coverage. Obviously the system is limited by radio range, which Polaris claims is upwards of “1+ miles”.


Overall I had a pleasant experience on this sled. It’s exactly what I’d look for if casual trail riding and exploration was my jam. If I owned a rental company, this snowmobile would definitely hold a few spots as high-end touring models, fulfilling the needs of renters that are wanting all the bells and whistles. I believe the 7s GPS mapping would improve both customer experience and safety. And the ProStar S4 efficiency, ease of maintenance, and value retention would be well worth it.

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