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Why is the Arctic Catalyst 600 MTN so popular in the mountains?

The brand-new Catalyst platform was a real blast to test and ride. The sled tested was the 600 MTN in the 154-inch length. It had the 3-inch Power Claw track, the perfect pairing for this sled. The 600 C-Tec motor had a new Laydown design helping the overall handling of this machine.

This sled was a mountain group favorite I wish I had a nickel for every time someone described the Cat as nimble! This Mountain Catalyst made the brand-new riders in our group instantly comfortable.

We were surprised how quickly new riders had the confidence to ride this sled on edge and make powder turns. The handling of this chassis was really remarkable going from one manufacturer to another often times takes some getting used to not so hoping on this machine I felt instantly comfortable.

Arctic Catalyst 600 MTN

Outstanding Performance Combined with Exceptional Maneuverability

The handling of this Arctic Cat Catalyst was a standout and one of my favorites of all Snow-Shoot sleds. It was extremely easy to ride it got on edge with very little effort yet still felt stable. The best way I can describe this is most sleds have a definitive balance point and you know if have it on edge or not. This was not the case with the Catalyst it felt like it had multiple balance points.

Getting the sled on edge was effortless but I did not ever worry about going too far and losing the sled in the snow it just remained balanced. It had multiple balance points. It performed the same while sidehilling it just balanced in all cases making it fun to ride. The 154-inch track with 3-inch paddles was the track of choice for our group, and it performed the best in deep snow.

The Catalyst 600 Engine: Strength and Challenge in the Mountains

Okay, the motor is the hot topic of this sled after being amazed by the Catalyst platform. The new 600 did really well as far as getting the sled on top of the snow. It also handled deeper and steeper terrain than I thought possible.

The new lay-down design was great and the 600 really felt strong. That being said our entire group was left wanting a bigger motor. The 600 MTN  just couldn’t compete in deep snow at elevation. Disappointing for me to have such an amazing new platform but not the correct motor for most backcountry riders.

Conclusion : My 600 MTN review

Arctic really nailed the new Catalyst MTN platform. It was so incredibly nimble and easy to ride. It felt agile and comfortable right from the start there was no getting used to it stage with this sled. The 154 3-inch did great and would definitely be my choice for this machine. If this sled had a bigger motor, it would have been at the top of my list for my personal sled next year.

The 600 is still a very strong motor and for someone lighter or just learning would be a great option. I was surprised even for our larger riders how well the sled floated and the places it went. With a bigger motor, this platform will be a backcountry weapon.

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