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The PATRIOT 9R according to Yves!


Off-road enthusiasts looking for constant handling and control will be well served for the 2022-2023 season. With the arrival of Polaris’ latest Big Bore engine, the sledders will be able to take advantage of this new feature that will provide additional power with low inertia.

This new category joins the existing 850 and 850 Boost (turbo) in the ranks of the RMK and KHAOS. Although for most riders, a well-tuned 850 with a good spring or calibrated ramps will do the job! However, Polaris is coming up with a new engine block for 2023, to the delight of its customers.

In the challenges of this sector, instantaneous response and the weight of an off-road machine remain the sinews of war in this segment. The 899cc Patriot 9R is intended to be an upgrade to the Patriot 850, and Polaris claims that the Patriot 9R will offer 7% more power and 12% more torque than the Patriot 850 while being 1.2 lbs lighter.


These announced performances are mainly due to the larger cylinder bores with plating to resist wear and heat. In addition, the manufacturer also made changes to the crankshafts, which are now lighter and stronger than the Patriot 850s. The changes also include a new, 10% lighter, low-inertia flywheel, a redesigned head, redesigned intake ports and ceramic-coated pistons to support the new layout. It will also be accompanied by the P22 clutch explicitly designed for the range’s Boost (turbo) engine and the 9R.

Where it counts!

Who is this product for? The Patriot 9R is primarily intended for the technically inclined angler who wants a responsive reel. The performance of this reel will stand out where the sections are tight. They will also stand out where the power transfer needs to happen quickly to give that lively little ¨kick¨ to get the machine at the right angle. Considering the lighter weight of this engine and the narrow Matryx chassis, the results are enhanced when compared to the Patriot 850 Boost (turbo) version.

Although the Boost is better suited for higher altitudes and open mountain sections, the raw acceleration (drag hilly) performance should favour the 9R up to 50-60 km/h if you compare the two engines. Thinking about it, it could be that shortly there will be two classes of big 2-stroke engines, the 850 (turbo) and the 899 cm³, leaving the atmospheric 850.


One thing is for sure, this Patriot 9R engine should appeal to Quebecers. Indeed, much of our off-road territory is known to be dotted with stacked spruce trees, narrow corridors and riverbanks requiring a quick response machine. It is in these conditions that the maneuverability of a machine should be appreciated.

Weight Comparison

If we compare the weight of the Patriot 9R versus the 850 Boost, Polaris estimates an extra 25 lbs for the turbo model. Furthermore, the importance of a turbine increases the center of gravity due to its location, the Rmk or Khaos model with an 899cc engine will have this small gain in terms of the overall handling of the machine and how it feels at low speeds. The addition of mechanical components can also lead to some reflection on the longevity and durability of the mechanics. This is why the Patriot 9R option is likely to become very popular. However, it is important to mention that the Boost will regain its advantage at high altitudes and remains impressive for its instantaneous power delivery, regardless of the rpm at which it is operated.

The coming of 9R engine comes mainly from the ¨Aftermarket¨ products of the last years. Since the engine is modified, the companies no longer stand behind the warranty. Under these conditions, the eventual takers of the Patriot 9R direct from Polaris will have the advantage of having a factory-proven machine and thus protected by a manufacturer’s warranty. The Patriot 9R becomes the most powerful naturally aspirated 2-stroke engine in the industry with its estimated 180 Hp versus the 168-169 Hp of the Patriot 850.

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