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Ski-Doo introduces the MX Z X 600RS 2023

Ski-Doo MX Z X 600RS 2023

To continue its domination of the snow cross racing circuit, Ski-Doo returns for 2023 with an improved and even more refined version of the MX Z X 600RS. This is to push performance limits even further and break new records on the racetrack. The REV Gen4 platform continues to prove its flexibility and great capabilities for riders of all levels with the goal of making it faster, more reliable and more adaptable. Ski-Doo’s DNA is evident on the MXZx 600RS with the traditional yellow colour scheme.


The main changes are in the chassis and drivetrain, offering better traction, faster cornering speeds and a smoother ride. This allows for more control and stability in holes, over bumps, and faster laps. Changes were also made to the clutch and engine.

Chassis changes start up front with the RAS RS suspension with new shocks that are shorter in overall length while maintaining the same travel to help lower the center of gravity.  The spring has been modified to reduce roll. Both of these changes allow for better cornering and higher speeds.

RAS RS suspension has new, shorter shocks
RAS RS suspension has new, shorter shocks


Their rear suspension has been redesigned as well, with a shortened suspension arm and the rail mount moved up for a flatter profile, resulting in better transfer to the skis coming out of a turn. The increased length of the rear suspension also provides a closer 1:1 travel ratio, offering better shock control and a lower center of gravity. MXZ RS retains the KYB Pro Series 46mm shocks with integral adjustment valves for high and low-speed compression and rebound.

The MX Z X 600RS E-TEC 2023 utilizes the REV Gen4 platform with its open cockpit design and highly balanced engine positioning for superior ergonomics and handling in challenging conditions. Racers will appreciate the Ergo Step side panels and bevelled tunnel top, allowing for a very aggressive ride on the racetrack.

The Rotax 600RS E-TEC engine features E-TEC direct injection technology, offering very fast response and perfect calibration regardless of weather conditions or altitude. The engine features booster injectors, originally introduced on the 850 E-TEC, a short intake duct and a digital eRAVE system. For 2023 the engine calibration offers improved responsiveness at low rpm and low vehicle speeds, to provide more power in deep holes or in heavy load conditions allowing racers to accelerate faster.

MXZx 600RS 2023 Highlights

REV Gen4 platform

  • Short heat exchanger with internal loop
  • 137-inch track
  • Lightweight Lexan hood
  • Quiet, high-flow airbox
  • Lightweight LED headlights
  • Heavy-duty E and S modules
  • MX-inspired seat and cover with superior grip
  • Race foot socket
  • 5-gallon fuel tank
  • NEW – A lower center of gravity
  • Left side panel with high airflow ventilation

RAS RS front suspension

  • NEW – KYB Pro Series 46mm shorter Kashima coated shocks with adjustments (high-speed/low-speed compression and high-speed/low-speed rebound)
  • Integrated base valve adjuster
  • NEW shock springs
  • Rack and pinion steering with electric assist
  • Longer ski leg (stronger + better speed in turns) – New colour
  • Lightweight Pilot R2 reinforced ski

rMotion RS rear suspension

  • NEW race-proven rail design, higher front arm support, new colour
  • 137″ long
  • NEW shorter front arm
  • NEW longer front shock absorber
  • NEW rear arm mounted approximately 1″ back
  • KYB Pro Series 46mm Kashima Coated Center Overlay Shock with compression and rebound adjustment
  • KYB Pro Series 46mm Kashima Coated Rear Overlay Shock with compression and rebound adjustment
  • Integrated base valve adjuster
  • Revised geometry
  • NEW coupling configuration
  • NEW Holeshot feature
KYB Pro Series 46mm Kashima coated overlay center shock with compression and rebound adjustment

Rotax 600RS E-TEC engine (599.4 ccs)

  • E-TEC Direct Injection Technology
  • One-piece cylinder design with plasma coating – offering more power
  • NEW engine calibration
  • Intake boost injectors (based on 850 E-TEC)
  • Shorter intake length (based on 850 E-TEC)
  • Dual valves (based on 850 E-TEC)
  • eRAVE (inspired by 850 E-TEC)
  • Lightweight exhaust system (stainless steel tuned pipe)
  • Racing throttle block – Ready for 50% throttle applications
  • Reinforced engine mounts
  • Hot start button


  • Large brake backing plate
  • Brembo brake system with large diameter rotor, easy-to-service calliper
  • pDrive primary clutch
  • TEAM TSS-04 secondary clutch
  • Slip-on gear – Better durability, less maintenance
  • A lightweight belt guard provides better air circulation.
Brembo brake system with large diameter rotor, easy to maintain caliper

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