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Review: KLIM Resistor HTD Heated Gloves

Snowmobiling often involves facing the challenge of cold weather, and to overcome it, we need the right gear. For many years, a variety of heated equipment has been available, helping us adapt to the various surprises of Mother Nature. Among these high-end items, the KLIM Resistor HTD heated gloves have caught our attention. While our snowmobiles come equipped with heated handles and thumbs, it’s undoubtedly pleasant to have an additional source of warmth for our hands. What a great added value to have heated gloves from a reputable manufacturer like KLIM! It’s an obvious mark of quality, but in reality, how do they perform?

someone wearing resistor htd heating gloves on a snowmobile

Weather-Resistant Design

With a conventional appearance, the Resistor HTD heated gloves are not flashy. They are mostly black, except for a KLIM logo and a reflective strip on the back. Palms and fingers are covered with leather and have a good grip.

Inside, a windproof and waterproof Gore-Tex membrane is built in. It is found between the outer shell and the soft, moisture-wicking fleece inner lining. This combination is complemented by generous 3M Thinsulate insulation (200 g on the back of the hand and 100 g on the palm). The overall conception of these gloves is excellent. I have detected no imperfections or defects whatsoever.

Slightly Heavy…

I’ll be honest, these gloves are not lightweight. Their weight is relatively high compared to other conventional gloves. This excess weight is, of course, directly related to the integrated lithium-ion battery (1 per glove). It is lodged at the wrist and sealed with a Velcro patch.

velcro-sealed battery pouch for the heated gloves

Try Before You Buy!

Just to give you some context, I usually wear XL to 2XL gloves. For my KLIM Resistor HTD heated gloves, I had to buy them in size 3XL. This goes to show how small they can become with all the heating elements they contain. From the outside, they appear large and imposing. But inside, you might feel cramped if you select a size that is too small.

They Don’t Heat Up… Long Enough!

The KLIM Resistor HTD heated gloves have three intensity levels for heating. First, there’s the high heat (red light). At this level, the batteries have a maximum duration of 1.5 hours in the best conditions. Then, there’s the medium heat (blue light). At this intensity, the batteries provide three hours of autonomy. And finally, there’s the low heat (green light). At this setting, your heat source can last up to eight hours.

heat control button and light indicator

Needless to say, the provided battery is not sufficient to cover an entire day on your sled. Therefore, I am considering acquiring a second set of batteries to extend my autonomy. That being said, things are starting to get pricey. With a base cost of $400, adding two additional batteries at $55 each is something to carefully consider!

Atewa battery pack for resistor htd heated gloves

Designed to Prevent Overheating

It’s worth noting that the high-heat setting operates in 10-minute increments to prevent excessive heating. After this delay, the glove automatically switches to medium-heat mode to preserve temperature. Nevertheless, you can simply press the button until the indicator light turns red again to reactivate the high-heat setting.

My Overall Impression

These gloves are extremely comfortable, thanks to their soft and well-insulated interior. Furthermore, they are warm enough for snowmobiling even without activating the heating function. Without leaning towards undue praise or criticism, I believe that KLIM’s Resistor HTD heated gloves are simply an addition for a bit more comfort during our rides. In my opinion, they do not replace the heated handles equipped on our snowmobiles.

In conclusion, if your budget allows it, I highly recommend these gloves. While I would not qualify them as essential, I believe they can certainly be of great help in extremely cold weather.

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