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Polaris 600 INDY SP 2018: A snowmobile that will please everyone!

Polaris 600 INDY SP 2018: A snowmobile that will please everyone!

In this article, you will have the chance to get the opinion of 2 special collaborators who will give you their impressions of the Polaris 600 INDY SP. It is important to note that these people are not experienced snowmobilers. So, they will bring a different and very interesting vision.

I will also introduce you to the Polaris 600 INDY SP 2018 through its technical features and my experience with this snowmobile that offers a lot of driving pleasure. I invite you to read this article which offers a different view

Overview of the technical characteristics

Under the hood, we find the 600cc Cleanfire 2-stroke engine that delivers 125 horsepower and let me tell you that it is very powerful for the INDY SP’s small size. The accelerations are intense, and resumptions at low or medium speed are just as fierce. Of course, it’s not a sled to reach amazing top speeds, but it’s nervous and allows you to ride smoothly on trails.

The PRO-RIDE chassis offers increased rigidity and a right balance. Polaris IFP front and rear shock absorbers come standard to give you good performance. The suspensions provide exceptional comfort, surprising responsiveness, and outstanding performance. The Polaris 600 INDY SP offers a lot of bite in the front and precision in turns thanks to the PRO-STEER skis. With all these components, you always get an intuitive and enjoyable driving experience.

The sitting position could be described as “nostalgic” because it is more inclined. However, we feel very comfortable, and this position takes us back a few years with a more classic driving. I loved what the Polaris 600 INDY SP offers to its pilot at all levels.

Dad’s comments

The general opinion of the Polaris 600 INDY SP:

“At my son’s request, I had to try the Polaris 600 INDY SP on a beautiful, cold and sunny Sunday in March in southern Beauce. I want to mention that I am a recreational vehicle user on my land, but certainly not an expert in the subject. So, it’s from an amateur, who knows how to drive. What I remember: attractive look, surprising comfort, and performance.”

Trail driving experience:

“I was impressed by the quality of the trails and the landscapes. It is a most pleasant way to discover known territories (Beauce) from another angle. We have been through maple plantations, along rivers, through mature plantations and down steep roads. Let’s thank the owners of these places for offering us this privilege and those who are responsible for their maintenance and signage. Having not used the trails for a very long time, I was surprised by the large number of users and the variety of vehicles observed (side by side, ATV, snowmobile). I want to mention that on several occasions I have seen the courtesy and kindness of the users.”


Comparison of the driving of older snowmobiles with it:

“The comparison I can make is based on my experience driving snowmobiles (340 cc) in the late 1970s and 1980s. The Polaris 600 INDY SP offers increased comfort; it is easier to handle, lighter, faster and therefore more powerful. Considering those, snowmobilers must be even more careful on the trails and respect the rules.”

Polaris 600 INDY SP 2018: A snowmobile that will please everyone!
A man happy with his test of the Polaris 600 INDY SP

What I appreciated most:

“I particularly appreciated how it is easy to start, the comfort of the seat, suspension and heated handles, the stability, and maneuverability of the machine. Note the vehicle’s size, which is easy to park and requires little storage space.”

Suggested improvements:

“The Polaris 600 INDY SP could, in my opinion, be quieter and would benefit from having a reverse horn. During the test, I noticed that the position of the mirrors could be improved, as my hands on the handlebars were hiding them, affecting visibility. Finally, the wheel system on skis should be integrated (standard) to facilitate the transition from one trail to another and to avoid damaging the skis. This would also make it easier to ride around the city.”

General comments:

“I rediscovered the pleasure of driving on snow and breathtaking landscapes thanks to my son who offered me this test drive. From the Polaris 600 INDY SP, I retain the comfort, handling, and reasonable fuel consumption considering the long-distance covered.”

Polaris 600 INDY SP 2018: A snowmobile that will please everyone!
Stéphanie on the Polaris 600 INDY SP 2018

Stephanie’s comments

“Just recently, I had the opportunity to be introduced to snowmobiling on trails. I took the handlebars of the Polaris 600 INDY SP as a beginner in the world of snowmobiling. Since this is my first experience on the trail and my knowledge of the subject is minimal, I will just give you my ‘feeling’ and leave out the technical descriptions.”

“First of all, I must admit that I was afraid to go on the trail with a ‘big machine.’ So, I immediately liked the size of the INDY SP. When I got on the snowmobile, I noticed that it was very comfortable, and it quickly made me feel comfortable.”

Polaris 600 INDY SP 2018: A snowmobile that will please everyone!

“Whether in the more wooded and hilly areas or the long, freshly surfaced straight lines, I found the ride easy, smooth and precise. I was surprised by the power of this snowmobile… I didn’t expect so much acceleration in such a short time. Over the kilometers, I also discovered that the snowmobile was very reactive. In short, a feature that can be super pleasant for regulars, but rather stressful for a beginner. I noticed this when the slopes were less beautiful and full of tracks.”

“I can say that my experience with this snowmobile has charmed me. It is a snowmobile that is undoubtedly very versatile and could be a good fit for me as I evolve. I used it to drive relatively smoothly, but I can see that it could offer much more to experienced drivers. Finally, I loved its look and its super accessible format. I would go back for a trail trip with the Polaris 600 INDY SP.”

Polaris 600 INDY SP 2018: A snowmobile that will please everyone!
My nephew also loved the Polaris 600 INDY SP. His turn to drive snowmobiles will come and, in the meantime, his smile says a lot!


I hope you enjoyed this article with the opinion of the two special collaborators. With the end of the season, it is now time to bring the Polaris 600 INDY SP back to the dealer… It was a faithful companion of adventures despite the short time spent in its presence. On behalf of myself, the special collaborators and the SledMagazine.com team, we would like to thank Polaris for making this trial possible.

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