My First Impression of the Polaris Matryx 850 Khaos 155

I was very excited to get some time on this sled as I have heard very good things about it and wanted to see if it performed as well as it looked.  For the last two seasons, I have been on Ski-Doo’s. Last season was a Gen 4 Summit Expert Turbo 165 and this year the Gen 5 Summit Expert Turbo 154.  I was excited to try the Polaris Khaos package, especially the Polaris Matryx 850 Khaos 155, and get back on a naturally aspirated sled.

The Sled I tested had the 7s display with Ride Command and the Walker Evans Velocity Shocks.

My first thought as we started down the trail towards the backcountry was, this sled is NIMB blown away by my ability to put slightly more pressure on my left foot and watch the right ski start coming to come up.  I have never felt this on any other sled and it made me even more eager to get it in the backcountry to see how it would perform.

 Polaris Matryx 850 Khaos 155: My honest opinion

Time for some brutal honesty!  After getting this sled to the backcountry it didn’t take long for me to realize these handles were much different from any other sled I have ridden, and the first powder turn I found myself laying in the snow wondering what happened.

My first reaction was, of course, to look around and hope my buddy didn’t see this.  I have been riding sleds for years and years making hundreds of powder turns and initiating a turn with this sled was really different.

Powder turns

This sled takes such little effort to initiate a powder turn I couldn’t believe it.  I tried again this time staying centred on the sled instead of the wrong foot forward and boom the sled did exactly what I wanted it to. As a result, I was simply overriding the sled and it wasn’t necessary. Therefore, I was relieved to hear that I was not only won to have done this trying the Khaos for the first time this seemed to be a pretty common experience even for seasoned riders.

Once I got somebody positioning down and a bit more comfortable it was time to hit some steeper and deeper terrain.  The motor characteristics were flawless with plenty of snappy low-end power, which, I love.

My Previous Models

For the last two years, I have had Turbos for my personal sleds and I really appreciate the quickness and responsiveness of these 850 naturally aspirated motors. Turbos are great in the right terrain and conditions, but I have missed the quick engagement and predictability of the naturally aspirated motors. They are in my opinion easier to ride.

Handling Characteristics

The handling characteristics of this sled can best be described as playful.  This sled loves to wheelie and is a bit wilder than the Pro.  Initiating a side hill felt very natural and effortless. Holding a sidehill does take more effort than the Pro as this sled wants to turn uphill and wheelie.  Playing and wheeling on different slopes and terrain is where this sled is at home.  I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I got comfortable on this Chassis especially having been on a Skidoo for the last two years.  The sled overall feels light and nimble with fantastic power and power delivery.  I feel for this package the 155-track length is perfect.

The Polaris Khaos is made for the backcountry rider who wants go out and play and have fun.  If you want to jump and wheelie off every drift you see this sled is made to order.  If you are a technical tree rider that likes the challenge of steep treed terrain the Pro may be a better option as it is more predictable and planted.

 Polaris Matryx 850 Khaos 155: My Conclusion

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with this package it was incredibly playful and took minimal effort to ride in the backcountry.  A really great first ride and a sled I am hoping to get more time on this season. I am already anxious to get back on this Polaris Matryx 850 Khaos 155!

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