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Between Trails and Crossover: the Allied 509 Monosuit

In this article, we will delve into the Monosuit Allied Insulated 509, available in two versions: the “shell” version, designed for backcountry snowmobiling enthusiasts, and the “insulated” version, ideal for “crossover” enthusiasts.

The “shell” version requires a strategic approach to layering to tackle off-piste areas throughout the day. On the other hand, the “insulated” version ensures consistent warmth during rides on ungroomed trails (crossover).

Tested in Extreme Conditions

This Monosuit has undergone rigorous tests in the northwest of New Brunswick. I observed optimal performance in frigid temperatures of -25 degrees Celsius and during snowstorms exceeding 30 centimetres. The Monosuit’s versatility also shines in spring, during warmer days.

Technology and Design of the Monosuit Allied Insulated 509

Equipped with a lining (100 grams of Thinsulate™), the Monosuit represents the best of both worlds. The “insulated” version eliminates the need for layering on colder days, unlike the “shell” version. Leg and armpit air intakes allow optimal control of heat during colder days.

Monosuit Allied 509

Durability and Storage

For “crossover” enthusiasts, the Monosuit Allied Insulated 509 stands out for its versatility, specifically designed for this type of expedition. With strategically placed leg and armpit air intakes, this garment provides openings to release excess heat when your expedition demands more effort.

The Monosuit Allied Insulated 509, equipped with 5-Tech technology, ensures increased resistance against branches encountered during off-trail excursions. Waterproof zippers and multiple storage spaces, both inside and outside, make it an excellent choice for a monosuit.

Monosuit Allied 509

Comfort and Adjustments

Worn as a medium, this set provides a relaxed fit with plenty of room for a 5’8″, 170-pound person. At first glance, one-piece suits give the impression of being made very large. To my surprise, once you put them on, you realize how comfortable and snug they are. What’s more, the internal straps ensure a comfortable fit, making it easy to move between cottages.

A Note on Flexibility

Regarding the flexibility of materials, the Monosuit Allied Insulated 509 may require some adaptation time to achieve 100% comfort. However, considering its affordable price for a one-piece ensemble of this quality, overall customer satisfaction remains high.

Monosuit Allied 509

In summary, the Monosuit Allied Insulated 509 stands out for its durability, versatility, and comfort. Whether on trails or off trails, this ensemble will keep you warm and dry during all your expeditions.

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