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2024 Polaris Prostar S4 Indy XC 137 ES: It’s Time and We Have Many Questions

It’s time to introduce our next SledMagazine.com long term trial sled for the 2024 season: the 2024 Polaris Prostar S4 Indy XC 137 ES.

Every once in a while a new snowmobile comes along that just begs to be reported on. We get particularly excited when a new snowmobile makes a large number of snowmobilers want to know more about it.

Our mission and pleasure at SledMagazine.com is to trial snowmobiles that open the door to many questions being asked and answered.

ProStar S4: From Limited Debut to Mainstream in 2024

Together with Polaris and Laquerre’s Marine and Sports Center, I’m proud and excited to present the 2024 SledMagazine.com Polaris Prostar S4 Indy XC 137 ES that I will be riding throughout the Northeastern US and Canada this season.

Have you ever wondered if your new sled has been thinking about you too?

Yes, It’s true that the ProStar S4 four stroke engine first debuted last season, but only in limited numbers with late arrivals. I consider it new for model year 2024, because this is its first true entry into the main stream market and main stream availability. It will certainly be new to me.

The Polaris XC

Polaris XC models have always been cream of the crop, top of the line trail performers. And now I have the opportunity to see if Polaris’ 4 stroke entry is capable of living up to the heritage of the XC name.

The XCs have always been more than just the power under the hood; it’s been about suspension performance and calibration. These two topics will be at the center of my 2024 efforts and attention.

ProStar S4

The Polaris ProStar S4 is a 2 cylinder 998CC dry sump engine that has a proven history of reliable performance in other Polaris off road applications.

Low in the chassis with a big exhaust system

How does it measure up to the unique demands and challenges of a snowmobile? What about the power and torque characteristics of the S4s approximately 95 HP? What about performance, reliability, fuel consumption, throttle response, acceleration, top speed, sound and cold weather starting?

Remember when 95HP was a big one?

In a snowmobile world of much greater available horsepower, is it big enough to meet the demands and needs of a large number of snowmobilers? How does it compare to the performance of the BRP 900 ACE motors? There are many questions that we all have.

Polaris’s TS Shock Package

What about the newest shock to enter the snowmobile world?

Polaris’s TS shock package, what’s it all about?

How did Polaris’ acquisition of long time premium shock provider Walker Evans influence this new 5 position compression adjustable remote reservoir design?

How will its performance compare to 3 or 20 position adjustable shock models that we have become familiar with? Why is the TS shock package currently unique to ProStar S4 powered trail models? Yes indeed, there are many questions.

What about the increased weight of an S4 model? How does it affect balance, rider feel, steering and suspension calibration? I want to know these things as much as you do.

Contrasting the Titan and XC Models of the ProStar S4

A little Spring time sun and a snooze

Last Spring I had the opportunity to ride a ProStar S4 power in a Titan model for a limited time. But the Titan is a utility sled with lower gearing, 20” wide track that is approximately 140+ pounds heavier than an XC with full fuel loads.

Prostar S4 Indy XC 137 ES
One final look at last season’s Switchback SP, the future of snowmobiling looks bright!

Picking Up the 2024 Indy XC Long-Term Test Sled

I’ll soon be heading to  Laquerre’s Sports Center in East Montpelier, Vermont to hang out with Jarrett, Jeff and Bentley for a little while and pick up our 2024 Indy XC long term test sled.

Prostar S4 Indy XC 137 ES
The spirit is always lively at Laquerre’s.

It will soon be my turn to put a ProStar S4 with a premium shock package to the test of trail performance. First ride is December 8th and I can’t wait to answer our many questions!

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