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The 509 company offers a complete line of clothing for the snowmobiler from head to toe. The choice is there whether you prefer a sober style or like the more flashy colors. Boots, pants, coat, one-piece suit, helmet, suitcase etc… In this article, I will give you my impressions on a kit specifically used for the trail.

Delta R4 helmet can be worn with or without the motocross-type paddle. Everything is there to convert the helmet from one configuration to another

509 Delta R4 Helmet

My use of this helmet has been 100% trail riding.

I have been using modular helmets for a while now. The main advantage is to have a completely closed structure when riding on the trail and to open the front completely to drink, eat and chat more easily. The helmet lift mechanism is easy to use even with gloves on.

Another feature I like about this kind of helmet is the retractable smoke visor. This allows you to have a pair of smoked glasses integrated directly into the helmet and easily usable at all times. The action is done on the left side of the helmet and is again easily operated with gloves.

All about the visor

The visor is double and electric. In normal trail conditions, the cable connection is not needed to power the helmet. Only in temperatures around -20 and -30 did I have to connect the cable to prevent it from dropping. Generally, I don’t get too hot in the face. For those who tend to get hot easily, there are always the front and top air hatches that can be opened. The front one is easy to use to change the position from open to closed, but the top one requires a little more firmness to change the position.

The front paddle is very useful to cut out some of the suns and to use it as protection when we follow our trail partners too closely…

Finally, the closing system of the magnetic helmet strap is great. You have to position the 2 male-female parts close to each other and they automatically fit.

Connector system for heated helmet and tinted half window activation lever


Quick clip system

Now let’s talk about clothing.

I used the 509 Range Jacket throughout the season in all conditions. Whether it’s hot or cold, the Range jacket and pants fit the rider. If it’s hot, you can open the zippers to allow for better air circulation. The opening is almost all the way up the leg for the pants and for the coat it is all the way up the armpit and part of the sleeve. Moreover, the pants go up quite high, keeping the pilot warm. Even in temperatures of -20 and -30, the suit kept me warm all day.

Other additional details:

  • The collar is high enough to cover the neck well.
  • There are 2 magnets in the upper part of the jacket to ensure that the flap on the zipper is waterproof.
  • There is a tie on the jacket and pants to attach the snowmobile firewall cable.
  • The jacket has 6 pockets and the pants have 4.
  • The bottom of the coat and pants are adjustable with snaps and elastic bands to prevent air or snow from getting in through the bottom.
  • There is small padding at the level of the knees.
  • The straps of the pants are adjustable and wide for better comfort.
  • Reflective tape on the pants and coat.

    Opening on the full leg and coat under the armpit.
509 Range coat.


A little bit of fun during the tests. 509 clothing kit and Ski-Doo Mach1 2000.


Clothing 509
Day at -30. 509 kept me warm all day.

Botte Raid Double Boa

Clothing 509
Surprising these boots! Light, compact and warm

One of the surprises during the testing of the 509 clothing line was the Raid double Boa boots. I was a bit apprehensive, fearing being cold due to the fact that these boots are very compact. In fact, it was quite the opposite. In addition to keeping me warm, their small size allowed me to move very easily on the snowmobile compared to other more massive boots.

It is a semi-rigid boot ideal for sitting and standing on newer snowmobiles. Riding with it on a vintage snowmobile is a bit of a challenge. The shape of the boot is not optimal for a forward foot position.

Let’s talk about the Boa closure system. In a word, excellent! The boot turns into a slipper because it is so easy to take off and put back on. Simply slide your foot in and turn the knob on the front and side. To remove them? Pull the 2 knobs upwards and the boot opens completely almost automatically. Also, compared to a conventional boot where the cords can move, the mechanism stays securely in place.

No back problems, no need to bend over to tie the cords… Very user-friendly.

More action on the Ski-Doo Mach 1 2000

Clothing 509


Clothing 509
Complete kit 509. Note the modular helmet in the top position. Great!

Thanks to 509 for this clothing trial, I am confident that I will be warm for my snowmobile season!

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