509 Powerline Jacket and Highpants: Warm, Stylish, and Comfortable

This year, I am testing out 509’s Powerline jacket and highpants set. I’ve been snowmobiling on trails for several years and have tried jackets and bibs from various companies. Some have been very good, keeping me warm, while others have left me shivering. Today, I’m sharing my impressions of the Powerline jacket and highpants from 509. Hopefully, this will guide future buyers of this product as best as possible.

509 powerline

Appearance and Comfort

Right off the bat, the first word that comes to mind to describe the 509 Powerline set is understated. It doesn’t come with bright colours all over it. A discreet “509” identifier is displayed on the front and back of the jacket, as well as a “5” on the bibs. The manufacturer gives us a choice of three colours. This set is designed for the trail snowmobiler. It is precisely engineered to withstand low temperatures, as well as any other adverse weather conditions, and keep the snowmobiler warm and dry.

509 powerline


Let’s now talk about the construction of this set, which results in the product’s effectiveness. Let’s start with the jacket.

509 Powerline Jacket

  • All zippers are Aquaguard (waterproof), and there are many of them.
  • The textile materials used are of high quality (5 tech stretch) to improve the range of motion and comfort of the rider. They are also waterproof.
  • The jacket is insulated with 100 g in the torso and 160 g in the arms. A removable insulated jacket liner of 80 grams can be added or removed as desired by the rider.

  • The seams are reinforced and fully sealed. The pockets are lined with brushed knit to quickly warm your hands.
  • The cuffs with lycra gaiters and skin-tight adjustment prevent cold air from entering the jacket.

509 Powerline Highpants

  • Insulation of 200 g throughout.
  • Additional 300 g protection in the seat.
  • Made with high-quality, stretchable materials for better mobility.
  • Full-length zippers on the legs. This allows for easy removal of the bibs and facilitates access for restroom breaks.
  • Large pockets, closed with waterproof zippers, are useful for carrying our belongings.
  • The front pouch can keep our mobile phone or other items warm.
  • Removable reinforced knee pads offer better protection during aggressive riding.

N.B. I would have liked detachable suspenders for easier setup and adjustment.

Trail Testing

During my trail tests, the temperature ranged between -15 °C and 0 °C. As I sat on my sled, I immediately noticed how comfortable I was in the 509 Powerline set. The materials chosen to make the jacket and highpants are of very good quality. The set remains flexible despite the cold, which facilitates movements while riding our machine.

I also noticed that the adjustments at the bottom of the legs and wrists prevented cold air from entering, keeping me warm. The oversized collar of the removable liner perfectly protected my neck from unwanted cold drafts. When the temperature increased during the day, I also found that the clothes breathed well. The 509 Powerline set allowed moisture produced by my body to escape, preventing me from sweating and then feeling cold afterward.

509 powerline


I really like the 509 Powerline jacket and highpants. It’s a high-quality set that protects its owner from all weather conditions. The set also offers comfort advantages. First, the removable liner that can be taken off if it gets too hot. Then, the two long zippers, which make it easier for us when nature calls. In addition to the countless pockets that allow us to carry things safely. For all these reasons, if you are considering getting a snowmobiling set soon, I highly recommend the 509 Powerline jacket and highpants.

I thank 509 for allowing me to test this set, and I also invite you to read us on Sledmagazine.com.

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