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The FXR Complete Kit: perfect for off-trail!

This winter, I tested a complete FXR off-trail kit. I’m talking about the Maverick Lite Monosuit, a Blade Carbon helmet with Maverick wireless goggles, Elevation Dual Boa boots, as well as the Transfer short-sleeve gloves. Here is my review of each of the items I tried.

Monosuit Maverick Lite

complete FXR

With an active off-road riding mode, I always favor uninsulated one-piece suits.  It allows for better control of body heat depending on the outside temperature, especially since not having a hip divider keeps air and snow away from our underlays. The Maverick lite is the top of the line at FXR, and you can feel it as soon as you put it on.

This outfit is equipped with a high-quality membrane, it is both waterproof and breathable, which leaves us dry all day. It is thick and reinforced at the most sensitive places to be damaged. I was really impressed with the fabric compared to other outfits I’ve tried. When you buy this type of garment, you want it to be durable through the various obstacles you encounter while off-trail. In this regard, I wouldn’t be worried about the Maverick Lite. The fabric is solid and firm, but the elastic band in the lower back still provides plenty of freedom of movement. It’s well designed, with removable integrated knee guards and ventilation hatches well distributed throughout.

Blade Carbon Helmet

Another component on trial is the Blade Carbon helmet. After a day of trying to figure out which tree to avoid, the weight of the helmet becomes important, so a helmet like the lightweight FXR on test is perfect for this purpose. I found it to be well-designed, with plenty of ventilation. There’s so much of it that it can even be used year-round. That’s good, because inverting into a helmet at these prices, and being able to use it year-round is a huge benefit to the wallet if you’re doing other motorsports in the summer.  One small point I would have liked to have a quick release instead of the classic double D-rings. This would allow us to attach it without removing our gloves. Visually, the Blade Carbon is beautiful, the mix of gloss and matte is superb, and it adds contrast to the carbon which always looks very nice.

Maverick Wireless Electric Goggle

complete FXR

With the helmet, I had as a combo the Maverick wireless goggle. In my opinion, the big problem with goggles in off-road is that they always end up fogging up and you can’t see anything. I find that the heated goggle solves this problem instantly because you can choose the intensity of the heating of the glass and the fog goes away to give you a clear view. The Maverick Wireless Electric Goggle has 4 types of heating, low, medium and high, in addition, it boosts, which provides high heat for 2 minutes. There is a small light in the glass to see if the lens is on or off and there is a 3 color light on the strap to differentiate the intensity.

The only negative point I found is that the light in the glass is difficult to see. The principle is well thought out because we don’t need to remove our helmet to know if the lens is heating, but we should maybe review the positioning because when it’s light outside, it’s difficult to see. For the rest, it is fantastic, with the battery on the strap we remain without wire and we do not need to carry several glasses with us.

Elevation Dual Boa Boots

complete FXR

In terms of feet, my test is the Elevation Dual Boa boot. This boot is very rigid, which favors off-trail riding. You have a good grip on the footboard and limit the shocks to the ankles during the various maneuvers. One thing that distinguishes this boot is the membrane over the laces that are waterproof, which prevents snow from seeping through the seams or laces.

The Dual Boa bindings are still fun to use to tighten the boot independently, between the top and bottom of the foot as needed. A negative point is that once wet, it takes a long time to dry. So, if you plan to ride 2 days in a row, you need to use the boot dryer. I also found that it is very hot, even for people who would like to ride the trail.

Transfer Gloves with Short Cuff

Gloves are one of the most overlooked items when shopping, but important depending on our type of riding and the temperature outside. As we know, the hand is the most sensitive area to cold, but for sporty riding, the feel of the handlebars and levers is very important. The Transfer short sleeve glove offers the most interesting compromise I tried.

complete FXR

The small size offers good dexterity of the levers and the leather palm also allows a good grip on the handles. Therefore, the insulation remains decent in the Transfer, which allowed me not to get cold hands despite everything. Also, the breathable and waterproof membrane is a big part of it, as it wicks moisture away from the hand and doesn’t let water in.

All in all, FXR garments are still highly regarded by the snowmobile community and the ones I have on trial are no exception. The top-of-the-line garments that I have tried are of great quality to withstand the harsh conditions that they are used in.

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