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That first ride feeling 2022

La sensation de la première sortie

tach year snowmobilers get the unique and personal experience of their first ride.

Some years it comes pleasantly early and some years it comes painfully late.

It may be a short ride or it may be a longer ride.

It could be in marginal conditions or in a winter wonderland that we could only dream of.

The contained anticipation of another snowmobile season beginning is the same for each of us. I am sure that all the imagery of returning to wintertime moments pulls us through entire summers.

 first ride

All the camaraderie of friends, the beauty of the winter’s landscape and nature’s fresh air rejuvenate the soul of snowmobilers.

The adrenaline of the first squeeze of your trusted or newest ride fills the spirit with one of the best sensations that life has to offer.

As snowmobilers, we get a double dose of fantasy because our sport is not only what we experience on the sled but also everything and everyone that we encounter around the snowmobiling experience.

The places, friends, stories and laughs make us rich. The warmth of a wood stove and the camaraderie of a cabin reintroduce us to the best of ourselves.

Simple pleasures like the frosty air of a starlit night and shared meals make us complete and thankful. There is so much more to our sport than the ride.

Ambiance, sensation and exhilaration!

The real beauty of all this is that it is just the beginning.

 first ride
Looking good in 509 and ready for all that is to come

Ride right, ride safe!

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