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Special mention for the Arctic Cat RIOT 9000 2023

A new model, a new arrangement of what already exists for a very interesting result.

Where would a 50/50 crossover, a 4-stroke turbocharged snowmobile with 200 horsepower and almost 500 lbs. fit in? Surprisingly, the answer may surprise many. After having tested this 2023 Riot 9000 in the prototype version, the surprise is the following. According to Arctic Cat, and I quote: “Riot models offer fierce crossover versatility and come with standard features like ARS II front suspension, CROSS-ACTION rear suspension and the newly added ATAC flywheel adjustable suspension. Our Riot lets you hit the trails and mountains with enhanced ease and control”.

If I had to choose a snowmobile from Arctic Cat for touring, comfortable, ultra-fast trail riding, my choice would probably be a Riot 9000. Yes, it could be used as a 50/50 crossover snowmobile, but in my opinion, it shines for a completely different use. Solo, in comfort like a good old Goldwing without the passenger seat.

RIOT 9000
A good mix of power, comfort, technology and handling this RIOT 9000

Why a Riot 9000 for touring?

First of all, the suspension.

The suspension is electronically adjustable in three riding modes: soft, medium or firm using the controls. These adjustments automatically and immediately adjust the FOX ZERO iQS gas shocks in your suspension. There is definitely a difference when changing settings. Most of the time I left the suspension in the soft mode which was fine for most trail conditions. It was only when I felt like pushing the throttle that I needed to switch to a sportier mode to have less roll when cornering.

More room for accessories in the back with a 146-inch tunnel.

With the long tunnel, it is possible in this model to add more accessories and storage. This is an advantage not to be overlooked for long trips.

Comfort with the 146-inch track

As we know, the longer the track, the less likely the suspension is to bang into the bottom of small bumps. The CROSS-ACTION rear suspension combines the increased weight transfer of a decoupled suspension with the optimal cornering and shock absorption of the Torque-Sensing Link™ used on Arctic Cat trail models. Plus, the longer, more aggressive track gives it an advantage in acceleration with all that horsepower under the hood.

Suspension ajustable
Very good combo. Electronically adjustable suspension, long track and space to attach accessories on the 146-inch tunnel

Glass option.

Opt for the high window if you choose this 2023 Riot 9000 as a trail sled. It does a wonderful job of keeping the rider well-protected from the cold and from your snowmobiling partners in front of you who have heavy thumbs… 😊

RIOT 9000
High window. Ultimate protection

EPS electronic power steering

Nice to see this model get the famous power steering from last year. I praised this system at the time. You can read my comments in detail on my article about the 2022 Thundercat model

A seat? Yes, heated and comfortable, please.

In freezing weather and on very long rides, all the little bonuses to be in comfort will be appreciated. The Riot’s heated seat is better padded than the ZR models. The riding position is higher too. Switching from one mount to the other quickly makes a noticeable difference.

2023 Riot 9000
Power steering and the comfortable heated seat of the 2023 Riot 9000.
RIOT 2023
See the difference! The 2023 Riot 9000 seat is higher and softer than the ZR
Thundercat seat
See the difference! The 2023 Thundercat seat is lower and firmer than the Riot


Nothing more to say for me at this point, only that on the power side, it is still the master on the trail. Not only for the 200 hp offered but also for the brutality that the engine delivers this power. It also seems that the set-ups are already quite optimal directly from the factory.

Nice mount to spend the day, with lots of space for the rider
2023 Arctic Cat Riot 9000

We would like:

-More intuitive electronic suspension adjustments.

-New generation of the dial with the fashion of the day. Colours, GPS, good size touchscreen on top-of-the-line models.

-Even if it is a good chassis that has matured well over the years, a refresh would be welcome.

The pluses

-Impressive crossover snowmobile in trail comfort mode.

-The power of the engine is always one of the strengths of the 9000 regardless of the model.

-Traction from the 146-inch track

More information on the 2023 RIOT 9000 and other recommendations:

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